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And when you decide me as your world,
And when you see me as your screen to trust
Every minute, Every hour
Shower droplets of visual love and touch target
To refurbish our love, time and again
© Feelings Coated
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Exposed to types of poetry
a coterie
of poet friends
great poems pen

I wish that I could read them all
from that I fall
the mountain climb
there is no time

How satisfying to belong
we're growing strong
our dear peer group
Poetry Soup
7/30/2018 - Poetry form: Minute Poem - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Jules Oct 2019
Lost myself
In the moment of it
I fell in love
With you for a minute
LC Oct 2019
the breeze tickles her hair 
and takes her worries with it. 
the sun wants a break
just for a little while.
she misses the sun,
but knows it needs a minute.
she'll be here when it's ready.
Julia Supernault Sep 2019
I have never wanted forever with anyone before,
I’ve wanted a life time,
I’ve wanted another day,
I’ve wanted another minute,
But never will I want an eternity with someone who doesn’t want an eternity with me.
maria Sep 2019
I have to go again.
Are you afraid?

I'm leaving the country,
the sympathy
and the fake dreams.
Do you care?

I pack everything
but I'm sure something's missing.
What are you running from?

I check myself in the mirror.
It's the last minute before I go.

Nothing changes.
I'm so afraid
oh, I don't care.

I'm running from my questions
but I guess I'm missing my soul.
Quote of the poem:
《I'm running from my questions but I guess I'm missing my soul》

Written on September 9, 2019
KJ Reed Aug 2019
"One more minute," you say
as I glance at the clock,
ready to run off to the places
I wish to, but can't avoid.
"One more minute," you say
as you grab my face,
smush my cheeks,
leave behind watermelon kisses.
"One more minute," you say
and every time I give in.
One more minute given,
just one more minute late for you.
Lilly F Jun 2019
another day another wallowing moment
in this unfamiliar skin
searching for the component
that feels missing deep within

another hour another feeling
how they change so quickly
my back tied to the ceiling
lack of control making my stomach feel sickly

another minute another headache
come and go in a blink
I pray that they stop for my sake
too tired to even think

another second another toll
on my head filled with words
needing something plentiful for the soul
ears longing for the sweet tunes of songbirds

the pain beneath my eyes
showing the purple and blue taint
my mind up till sunrise
wearing my exhaustion like a canvas wears paint

© L.F.
the inevitable can no longer be delayed or ignored

it is 8:58am,

the wafer needs consuming
so the bodies of the
sons of god can rise

it is 8:59am

the credit card payment due,
needing doing,
this, my juggling act
commences ends
@ the righteous hour

for the numbers flip forward
the 9:00am mark officializing
a living

and the first poem of the day
is spoken, prayed, stated
commenced and ended
John Glenn May 2019
the clock
tick tocks
in golden variables
every hour malleable
every minute ductile
every second savored
while we are juvenile
feel every moment
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