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You told me once that you’d always be there for me. The both of you but where are you two now?

Please don’t ever come back. I’m just learning to figure out how to be ok without you two in my life.
You stare into my empty eyes, there is no light left in them.

My skin is cold to the touch, no longer able to hold the warmth you once gave me.

You speak to me, your voice no longer soothing to my soul, too many angry words had ruined the place that was meant for you.

We were once pure and passionate now in the aftermath is agony and pain.

You desperately try to reach out to me but you’re met with silence, I have nothing left to give you.

You took all of it, all of me. There is nothing but an empty body of a girl who once had such a bright outlook on love.
Why am I the one who has to feel this low?
Why am I the one that has to cry these tears alone?
Why do you get to be okay?
Why do you get to be alright?
Why did we have to end over nothing?
Why did you hurt me after you promised you wouldn’t?
I told him in my saddened state that when he leaves, I was going to be alone.

“I’m not leaving.” And he still left.
I keep letting you in, when it’s clear, that you should just stay the **** out.
I thought about killing myself today.

Gave myself a thousand reasons why I shouldn’t.

Because right now, none of them seem relevant.
I prefer sleeping over being awake, because you exist in my dreams and we’re happy and we’re real there.
Waking up is the cold reminder that you’re not pressed against me.

You think you could hold me once more? I’ll be content and then I’ll let you go.
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