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Lilly F 6d
I annoy my friends when I talk to them about him
and I don't blame them because I make no sense
the light on the other side of this tunnel looks rather dim
these confusing feelings are too immense
to be placed on their shoulders to carry
"I don't have feelings for him but I'm mad when he's with her"
I can tell they get stressed as my eyes get cherry
but I still deny wanting back whatever him and I were

but I don't want him back, it's simple don't you see?
I also don't want him with another though
I know I'm drinking from a bitter cup of tea
and I'm being selfish, I know, I know
but I don't really care anymore
to my friends, I'm sorry for annoying you
and for making your ears sore
because even I don't even understand, why I don't like them two

© L.F.
Lilly F 6d
why do you get me so mad
I don't even care about you
I never even liked whatever it was we had
so why do you leave me so blue
when I see you've moved on?
is it jealousy? not of you, but of a relationship
of someone to love, the way people write about in all those songs
but this ****** like a thorn, leaving a rosy marked nip

I never had real feelings for you
and I don't want to be your girlfriend
so I'm confused right now, I'm not sure what's true
I'm drowning in the deep end
obsessing over things that I shouldn't care about
this isn't the song I like to sing
and I'm still not sure why I have a pout
because I'm over you, but for some reason, my heart still stings

© L.F.
not my highest quality poem, but it feels better to talk about real feelings.
Lilly F 7d
send me down the moon river
when I have only passion in my heart
when my body's in chills and shivers
take me to the river of art

when there's nothing left of me to give
take me to the place of dreams
where my soul can forever live
nourished by the gentle streams

send me to the moon river, I beg of you
I'll be home by late noon
so please don't cry when I bid adieu
goodbye, goodbye sweet one, I'll see you soon

© L.F.
inspired by the song "Moon River"
Lilly F 7d
I could ruin the best places for you
because once I'm gone
and you go back to all the places you took me
all the places we dreamt of going
all the places you said we'd go
you can't help but feel me there

I could ruin the best music for you
because once you don't hear me singing the words along with you
the sound will feel empty
the song will grow old
and my voice would echo in your head
you can't help but hear me

you'll never forget about me
and when you bring the next girl around she'll see me
reflecting in your sad eyes
when she hears our songs
when you take her to our places
and oh, like the taste of blood in the mouth,
you can't get rid of me until the bleeding stops

© L.F.
heartbreak follows you until you move on
Lilly F Jun 10
you looked at me and the sky turned pink
the groud turned peach
savoring the moment without a single blink
the colors become distinctive, aware of each
my knees began to shake
the walls turned blue
who knew you could take
my breath away again, deja vu

© L.F
Lilly F Jun 10
the boy in the moon
the girl in the sun
make each other swoon
all day till the night is young
they never see each other for too long
the moon appears at daybreak every morning for just a little while
so the birds tweet a sweet song
until the boy in the moon rests, thinking of the girl in the suns smile
dreaming of how she helps him shine
how his stars and her clouds may speak
giving him her light in the hours after nine
in the nights of each week
and when the girl in the sun dreams
she thinks of how lovely the boy looks among the stars
and how her light allows him to beam
admiring the moons craters and scars
and how the boy's sweet shadow reflects
alas they will have to wait till the day
the earth allows them to connect
until then, the two will remain astray
wanting each other more and more
while the ******* the sun weeps and her clouds simply pore

© L.F
Lilly F Jun 10
the sun rises from its sleep
as it's pure daylight leaps
all from the flutter
and quiet mutter
of your early morning voice
from the subtle glowing
and gentle flowing
of your eyes of sweetened honey
for you make the very sun swoon
it feels obligated to share you with the moon
but every few months one insists on seeing you more
while the other misses the face of the one they adore
and so the feud continues until the next solstice is at its new peaking
this fight rotates like the seasons
and you alone are the only reason
for no one else could make the sun and moon
fight all day into the late noon

© L.F

— The End —