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KJ Reed 4d
I want to catch
and hold fire in my palm.
Burn just to feel alight.
Melt down like wax candles
and be reshaped into
something new.
KJ Reed Sep 9
A purple road
cutting through the greenery
lies before me.
A clear path to something
new and unknown.
Another day.
Another dawn.
Another purple road.
KJ Reed Sep 8
Hear the soft tune,
a long forgotten lullaby,
notes that form fated threads,
tethers us to moth eaten moments.
Remember as you dance,
to a voice filled with memory.
KJ Reed Aug 29
When there is a snake
stuck upon your roses,
hiding under strawberries,
hissing tales of thorns and rot,
cast out the snake
before burning your Eden
to the ground.
A reminder for times when people put down your work. Don't let them take what makes you happy. Get rid of their ability to affect you.
KJ Reed Aug 29
"One more minute," you say
as I glance at the clock,
ready to run off to the places
I wish to, but can't avoid.
"One more minute," you say
as you grab my face,
smush my cheeks,
leave behind watermelon kisses.
"One more minute," you say
and every time I give in.
One more minute given,
just one more minute late for you.
KJ Reed Aug 28
My hands used to shake
at the thought of breathing:
the hardest thing at the time.
Living wasn't an option.
Surviving my only goal.
KJ Reed Aug 26
Sing for me,
wether good or bad,
cracked or too high pitched,
through tears or anger,
because I just want
to hear your voice,
in all the ways your voice
can sing or sound.
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