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Demonatachick May 14
Halt! Cried the lovers who tried to reason with the moon, please do not slumber and allow the sun to rise, for moonlight is the only time i see my lovers eyes.

But the moon said to the two it is not in me to stay for my lover is awakening and she brings with her the day.
Hey guys hope everyone is well and happy **
  Dec 2020 Demonatachick
Poetic T
My demons they have vacated the crevasse of my mind,
there poison that kept me lingering between the moments
of reality and unseen whispers that told me things I didn't
want to hear.

My reflection is vacant as if in the eyes only myself I can
see, neither the images that they portrayed are visible a
blank screen of thought just looks back at me.
Silence is more vocal, it cuts my wrists in diagonal wisps.

I mummer in uncortralable versions to facilitate the emptiness
that degrades my psyche. In needing of those that left me,
can one remain when parts are removed without vocalization.
My Demons have left me, and the only demon left is me.....
Demonatachick Sep 2019
i drowned once and to this day i still struggle to come up for air.
acceptance- when i was a eight i drowned in a swimming pool surrounded by adults, i remember the panic of the water entering my lungs and then falling asleep really peacefully next thing im hacking up lungfuls of chlorine, luckily a fellow eight year old who i grew up with saw me and called for help, i am forever in his debt though sometimes i wish he never saw me.
Demonatachick Aug 2019
My minds in the gutter surrounded by clutter of that which I throw away, each night it returns and still my heart yearns for sleep that wont keep me awake.
Jinx- I hope everyone is well and happy
Demonatachick Feb 2019
I once was the most beautiful poem

But then I exhaled, and with my misted sigh I let go the words that held me to reality

And I flew.
Spirited- a short poem for a runaway soul
Demonatachick Dec 2018
We live in our chaotic harmony it all seems so clear, we cut our teeth on others weakness cowered behind our fellow fears.
Facade: hope everyone is well and merry
Demonatachick Nov 2018
I take a pebble and cast it to the mountain of that which I wish to forget

It stops the pain for awhile

But sometimes they roll back and find themselves at my feet

And I know I must embrace the truth but in honesty my mountain looms and I would sooner leap from it then have it topple upon me
gotta love that seasonal depression  :D
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