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Demonatachick Feb 12
Some days I cannot bear to look at myself.

I flourish in the dark corners, I sing to the shadows and relish their indifference.

Seek what you dream, there is some warmth in the cold.
What a change a week can make
Behind doors I cannot open with keys that never was, i feed letters through slots hoping they would reach him.

I dreamt that he would consume them and one day emerge, whole.

But the chrysalis never broke, and what couldve been never was.
Hi guys hope everyone is well, my favourite time of the year approaches, pancake day!!
Demonatachick Oct 2023
I dance between the spaces you create, the air you shift, my music.
Wishing eveyone a happy spooky season :)
Demonatachick Jul 2023
My dad once built a shed out of old doors

Each odd colours he'd collect along his travels, when one grew tired and porous another would take its place

Even the floor was doors

I dreamt of opening them to secret places and posted letters through the slots hoping it would reach them

But they never opened, and all that remained was my father grey and aged in his shed made of doors.
Inspired by the father of  a friend
Demonatachick Jul 2023
Our souls will remain within the husk of our mortal sleeves, never to interlace, and it shall be a divine and universal mercy
Demonatachick Jul 2023
I see frogs in the sky

Don't ask me why

Clouds that shift and drift crafting amphibian splendor

Or maybe... I'm just on a ******
******* bad gateway, after a year I'm finally back in!!!
Demonatachick May 2022
Halt! Cried the lovers who tried to reason with the moon, please do not slumber and allow the sun to rise, for moonlight is the only time i see my lovers eyes.

But the moon said to the two it is not in me to stay for my lover is awakening and she brings with her the day.
Hey guys hope everyone is well and happy **
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