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Demonatachick Sep 2019
i drowned once and to this day i still struggle to come up for air.
acceptance- when i was a eight i drowned in a swimming pool surrounded by adults, i remember the panic of the water entering my lungs and then falling asleep really peacefully next thing im hacking up lungfuls of chlorine, luckily a fellow eight year old who i grew up with saw me and called for help, i am forever in his debt though sometimes i wish he never saw me.
Demonatachick Aug 2019
My minds in the gutter surrounded by clutter of that which I throw away, each night it returns and still my heart yearns for sleep that wont keep me awake.
Jinx- I hope everyone is well and happy
Demonatachick Feb 2019
I once was the most beautiful poem

But then I exhaled, and with my misted sigh I let go the words that held me to reality

And I flew.
Spirited- a short poem for a runaway soul
Demonatachick Dec 2018
We live in our chaotic harmony it all seems so clear, we cut our teeth on others weakness cowered behind our fellow fears.
Facade: hope everyone is well and merry
Demonatachick Nov 2018
I take a pebble and cast it to the mountain of that which I wish to forget

It stops the pain for awhile

But sometimes they roll back and find themselves at my feet

And I know I must embrace the truth but in honesty my mountain looms and I would sooner leap from it then have it topple upon me
gotta love that seasonal depression  :D
Demonatachick Nov 2018
To say goodbye; that dreaded word, is one I'd rather left unheard.
Demonatachick Nov 2018
Just because you die in your dreams doesn't mean it has to be a nightmare.
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