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Demonatachick Oct 2023
I dance between the spaces you create, the air you shift, my music.
Wishing eveyone a happy spooky season :)
Demonatachick Jul 2023
My dad once built a shed out of old doors

Each odd colours he'd collect along his travels, when one grew tired and porous another would take its place

Even the floor was doors

I dreamt of opening them to secret places and posted letters through the slots hoping it would reach them

But they never opened, and all that remained was my father grey and aged in his shed made of doors.
Inspired by the father of  a friend
Demonatachick Jul 2023
Our souls will remain within the husk of our mortal sleeves, never to interlace, and it shall be a divine and universal mercy
Demonatachick Jul 2023
I see frogs in the sky

Don't ask me why

Clouds that shift and drift crafting amphibian splendor

Or maybe... I'm just on a ******
******* bad gateway, after a year I'm finally back in!!!
july hearne Apr 2021
4/20 was ******'s birthday
my sister's birthday is 4/19 so it has been pointed out to me
very bad things happen on either of these days
some that i remember that the facist anti-facists with their black masks, red guard lust, failed parents, ******* teachers, and no future
haven't bothered to revise or laughably attempt to recreate yet:

oklahoma city bombing
some big oil spill
and maybe on 4/19/21
we will see rioters murdered by their own hands

wouldn't that be nice
to not have any psychopathic, worthless white and asian kids preaching to everyone?
it won't be any sort of loss since they seem incapable of comprehending the actual value of human life
or of being able to live it on their own

what i would like to ask this generation, the even weaker one that came before them, their failed parents, and their *******, demented teachers
is when will they all get tired of being the little ***** for their ******* legacy media/power for the few communist/big tech gods? when will they get tired of that?

when the chauvin verdict is announced and when he is not found guilty, because the worthless defense team couldn't do anything but prove this was all staged, this was all staged, this was all staged.

it doesn't seem like they will get tired of that soon,
in seattle, in san francisco, in new york city you can steal $1,000 worth of merchandise. it's just as good as legal.

the stores are moving out.
how convenient for amazon
and all the slave owner cheaters in china.

i don't think they will get tired of it anytime soon.
make a documentary about a dying, homeless man who prostitutes
himself on the streets and calls himself a woman.
after he talks about the neglect and abuse of his childhood,
while clearly displaying symptoms of mental illness and drug addiction
so they can all watch it and leave comments on how brave and beautiful the dying homeless man is. only they will say the man is a beautiful, lovely woman. "such a sweet personality, this beautiful woman has", they will all comment.

but the man is dying. he looks like a man. he has been abused, he is addicted to hard drugs that are killing him. he is bruised. he prostitutes himself and tempts death on a daily basis and all you can say is that he is a beautiful woman.

nothing is ever said of how sad his homelessness, occupation, drug addiction or childhood is. no one is concerned that he is at death's door, they just want to show the love for the delightful woman that he isn't. no one cares about the abused little boy he once was or the dying man he is now.

God is angry every day.
4/19/21 or 4/20/21 are both really good days to be angry.
also have a question for the ccp chinese, what will you do without us since the reavers aren't capable of creating any intellectual property worth stealing? since you can't create any on your own, what exactly are you planning on doing without us? we know making money through ethical means is out for you, so you might want to be worried about now.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2020
Exposing the rose to the stars
I might say for a mirror
look at the sun.
But how can I give the moon
a demo of its fragrance?
Àŧùl Apr 2017
And probably I'm the biggest fool ever existed,
As I still hope that she will come back one day.
And she'll announce that it was merely a prank,
As she just wanted to have fun by pranking me.
And she'll expect me to welcome her back here,
As old times she will expect me to still love her.

Maybe she rightly considers me an emotional fool,
For all of her experiments, I serve as the ideal tool.
Maybe I should just let her memories vanish now,
For my own happiness, all her memories I'll mow.
Maybe all my family tell me the right thing after all,
For she is indeed a common, desperate Indian girl.

She is the personification of a great wanna-be girl,
'Cause she had lost her way at an age so youthful.
She will bank on prior experience from childhood,
'Cause she has low emotional intelligence quotient.
She bereaved such a pure lover for some ego issues,
'Cause she was a demo of how good/bad a girl can be.

P.S.: Hope that she'll get complimentary coke/burger!
My HP Poem #1471
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —