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Thomas W Case Mar 31
The conversation lasted into the
long tooth hours of the night.
She read her textbooks and then heard a mouse with its tail barely caught in a glue trap. It squealed as if it were dying. In my heart I believed it was savable. In the agony I imagined him dreaming of fields and insects and seeds.
She had these cold gray eyes.
In one quick movement, she took off
one of her clodhoppers and smashed its brains out. She cleaned her shoe with a tissue, she said, I neither hate the mouse nor love it, it's just a thing.  At that moment I was pretty sure she was psychotic.
We're both drunk, I kept watching her *** in that tight  black dress.
She said in a very automated voice, I suppose you want to **** me now and then slithered out of the dress.
***** is *****
But I couldn't do it. I told her to put her clothes back on and not **** anything on the way out.
Gods1son Mar 10
I've seen the known swiftest person lose in a race
The strongest fought in a battle and came out defeated
The unqualified applied and emerged the chosen one
Meeting/exceeding the requirements is NOT always what it takes to win
Sometimes, grace and favor make all the difference.
Pax Feb 18
Death is lurking within,
have you given up on me?

Oh, sky, have mercy to
those who stop dreaming
Raw feelings
The unintentional reply to my old piece
Ntando Ndlela Feb 10
I was good I swear,
He was mistaken,
Why was my life taken,
I didn't look anything like that man he was ordered to take in,
Black male wasnt my only description,

I did everything by the book,
Not a sinner, not a crook,
I settled for less than I should,
I prayed like twice to be saved,
In that book it said He paid the price for our ways,
Was the price too high for slaves,
I practiced obedience so I could avoid this plague,
I prayed every day and stayed out of troubles way,

why should I die praying for mercy,
Was my skin too dark in this dark world for you to see me from up there,
There are too many of us who die this way,
I hope you still have room to spare,
Because  I know I was good,
I was good I swear...
sasha Feb 3
for what sweet maiden
and what soft lamb
would dare accept
my crooked heart?

cursed words of mine
twisted mercilessly into
wretched ballads
that no one will ever sing.

there’s no salvation for me now
nowhere for me to heal
destruction runs in these veins
beating in my heart of steel

have mercy on my dark heart
be still, these wild thoughts
a pen dipped in jet-black ink
scratched across tormented soul.
this page is just gonna consist of my own personal sad blabs
While walking
In his garden
One morning fine
Seeing a snake
He felt fear
Galloping down
His spine.
As a
Camouflaging trick
Attired a green silk
While zigzagging in
The grass thick
He should have
Squashed its skull
With a walking stick.
But he preferred
To walk away
“Let it there stay
I better
Keep it at bay.”

When he
Came back home
At night
He learnt he has
Lost his son
That suffered
A snake’s bite.

Misplaced mercy
Could backfire
To seek peace
With the snake
One must not tire,
For it will drag one
Into a quagmire
Obligating paying
A price higher.

Ask for mercy
An offender can’t
It is also not right
Unless s/he
Is repentant.

Also forget not
“Strike before
You are struck!”
Could afford one
Prowess luck.

The aforementioned
Advice you got,
“Hit when
The iron is hot.”

Modesty to
The heinous
And lazy
Is equally crazy.

If a human snake
Buy time
No doubt it will
Will commit
Further crime.
Forgiving  the unrepentant is wrong
Empire Dec 2020
tw suicidal thoughts

As a child
I used to fear
Falling asleep
And never waking up

But now
I think about it
And it seems
An exquisite mercy
Sanmi Pawar Nov 2020
She stood by the door, with tear-stricken eyes;
A small-little push, and they'd be inside.
She thought of her mother, who left her all alone;
She wished for a father, who would care her like his own.
Her thoughts were broken, by the furious bangs on the door;
She begged the Lord of mercy, even if she wasn't the one wrong.
Her frail body was thrown aside, as they rushed into the room;
She closed her dead eyes, awaiting her doom.
Throughout the push and pull, she did not utter a word;
For she knew her mistake, of being born as a Girl.
Sabika H Nov 2020
Oh Being of perfect form.
Your love is not that of humans but
Of Love itself.
Your passion is not that of humans but
Of Passion itself.

My lovers risk
Their lives for me,
My lovers swear
They are with me unconditionally,
Oh Being of perfect form,
Oh most perfect model of Love and Passion.
The things you would do for me
Are beyond
And although you made me
Partially blind,
You love me still,
Knowing very well
The shortcomings and tendencies of my kind.
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