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Vii HunniD Oct 29
My vivid thoughts got me feelin' like a narcissist,
I'm nothing like a senseless nihilist.
Compelled with false accusations I become an arsonist,
I'm stuck in the moment like a horologist,
My actions have me feelin' like a monotheist,
The gist is I'm a God crafted mere automaton.
Seanathon Sep 2018
When I see you

My eyes turn to the side
Just past the wrinkles

To the corners of the world
Where the greatest hope still resides
Besides that of eternity

And you, you…

You seem to me
Like a picture of a jubilee

As a lightning strike
Before my eyes
You change the way I view the night

And the days so short
Which pass us by

Though your heart of Autumn
Often beats
There is always summertime in me

And the will to be

Yes, the mere sight of you
And the mind I see

Always makes me feel
Alone but I'm glad you're not. With a wink and a smile. I strive endlessly.

Best when read to the tune of -
ForgottenRhymes Jun 2018
How to describe this feeling ?
What name does it go by?
Does it even have a name?

The answers to my questions
Remain unanswered
But with absolute certainty I can tell you this

I never want to let this feeling go
I'm on this insane rollercoaster of happiness
And I never want to not have this feeling

Cloud 9 seems like childs play
Sky high is where I'm at
It's like being in love only a thousand times better

The sun and the stars are all in one frame
Both shining at their brightest
Someone tell me what this feeling is !

I take that back.
No one tell me.
No one utter a word.

For if I was to categorise this feeling
It would be sure to escape me
No one tell me.

Let me drown in this moment
In this feeling that is like no other
Allow me this one pleasure.

No need to name the feeling.
Just watch on by as I sink in it.
Grant me this one request.
is this yous
no we don't do to the side
get away from me
your an freak
you a freak
we wrote an
who's an
your crazy
thats you are
you are what
we know what you are
who are you
listen you freak
shut up
don't talk to me
your crazy shut up
makes me
makes me shut up
what makes you shut up
is this you

is that the authors fisrst poetical question to the ever so dimly lit audience .... excuse me folks ... we are but an ...
I am a banyan(vatavriksha)
Standing like
The guardian figure
At the gateway of the village
Oh you thought
The champakas,rajanigandhas
Were envious of me
I am an old one
Seen some hundred summers
And winters
Children and tots
Playing merrily
In my cool shade
On a hot summer afternoon
The river near me
I daily see
Carries timelessness
Just like me
Lovers passionate
Passing on boats
Even in floods of fury
Dreaming of being
Radha Krishna
And gopis
What not
Do I see
Oh pralaya(destruction)
Did see Krishna
Floating away
On one of my leaves!
A baby ******* his toe
Untouched by any worry
My leaves are heart shaped
I do touch hearts of men
Read their minds
Some robust like me
Some weak
I wish to stand here
For just like holy kadamba
Under which Krishna gave gopis
Aatmananda(joy of self-conscience)
Rich with its divine glory
I am but a mere banyan tree!
Enjoy being mere?
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
Mere mortals, that's what we all are,
No one is perfect, except for God afar,
"Tempus fugit" for every mortal,
Floating through time's open portals,
Humanity does not live forever,
We'll all be fossils, from the 12th of never,
Mere mortals, that's what we all are,
No one is perfect, except God afar........
Feedback welcome.
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