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Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
You will rise again

You have been beaten down

You have been abused

You have been torn down

You have been told you were nothing

You have been told you can’t do it

You are plagued by residuals

You are tormented by demons

You are tortured by nightmares

You are attacked by PTSD daily

You are reminded of it all by your scares

You are so tired of it all

Yet you survived all of it

You continue to live each day

You continue to smile

You continue to thrive

You continue to overcome

You continue to be strong

You continue to rise

© Seductive Poetry

Spoken Word Version ::
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
Let me hold you close

Whisper everything will be alright

Give me all your troubles, your burdens, your pains

Give me guardianship over your secrets

Let me mend any broken pieces

Let me be your safe harbor, your sanity

Tell me everything and never hold back

It will be alright my love

Let me be your sanctuary, your refuge

Your safe place


© Seductive Poetry
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
It's ironic how when the smoke clears and it's all said and done 

You can look back and see where everything went wrong. 

Where cracks turned into holes 

And those holes ended up swallowing up all the love. 

After you're done lashing out at the one who left you, 

You truly realize you left them emotionally a long time ago. 

You gave them no choice but to walk away. 

They painted a perfect picture you never bothered to look at. 

They gave you all the ingredients to make the perfect relationship 

That you never incorporated. 

All the tools to build the perfect future that you left setting on the shelf. 

You can sit there and blame yourself...yeah maybe it is your fault, 

But at some point you too must move on and realize 

That maybe you don't have another chance with that person, 

But they taught you how to not ruin your chance with the next person.

© Seductive Poetry
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
I hide behind wool
My teeth and my claws
I walk as a man
But I’m not one at all
I won’t draw blood
No flesh will I render
I hunger for something deeper
That you will unwittingly surrender
I’ll tear through your heart
And feast on your soul
I’ll consume it all
Leaving you empty and cold
I leave you discarded on the ground
Shaken to the core
Then I make you watch in disgust
As I feast once more.

© Seductive Poetry
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
I can’t miss you any more than I do. Every breath that I breathe gives me another second to miss you and if I stopped breathing at this moment, my last thought would be of you. Every time my heart beats it says your name. Every time my brain cells communicate with each other they talk about you.

I can’t want you any more than I do. It’s that type of want you can feel it burning in your bones. A desire so strong it borders the realm of need. A craving that is so deep it can never truly be filled even with your presence. A longing that is so overwhelming at times it suffocates me.

I can’t love you anymore than I do. If my love were a tangible thing our universe would be too small to contain it. If my love were put into words they would fill the entire library books that have ever been written and all that have yet to be written. If my love could be calculated it would go passed infinity.

I can’t…anymore. I can’t miss you…anymore. I can’t want you…anymore. I can’t love you…anymore. My brain can’t think of you anymore than it does. My heart can’t desire you anymore than it does. My soul can’t long for you anymore than it does.

I can’t feel any more than I do and I know in my heart you feel this way too.

© Seductive Poetry
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
I swear every day smells like you
You’re in every breath I take
The sun radiates with all your love
The moon gives me your kiss goodnight
Everything I eat doesn’t taste as good as your skin
Every morsel doesn’t sustain me like your embrace
I see your face on every corner of every street
You haunt my every thought, every corner of my mind
Like background noise on a phone call
Like steady chatter at a nearby table
Every night I climb those 15 steps
I know you’re not waiting for me up there
But god knows it always feels like I just left you

© Seductive Poetry
Seductive Poetry Jan 2021
I can’t seem to get it together
Everything seems to slip through my fingertips
I can’t seem to catch my breath
Everything seems to be suffocating me
I can’t seem to get back up
Everything seems to be pushing me down
I can’t seem to catch a break
Everything seems to be breaking me
I can’t seem to get any relief
Everything seems to be stressing me out

I end each day on a sad note
My life right now is madness
I look at the clock it’s 00:00
And all I want is some peace

© Seductive Poetry
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