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Let me hold you close

Whisper everything will be alright

Give me all your troubles, your burdens, your pains

Give me guardianship over your secrets

Let me mend any broken pieces

Let me be your safe harbor, your sanity

Tell me everything and never hold back

It will be alright my love

Let me be your sanctuary, your refuge

Your safe place


© Seductive Poetry
Touch me with your hands. Your hand lightly placed on my arm as you giggle at my silly jokes. Your arm wrapped around mine as we walk under the moonlight. Your hand placed on my shoulder gripping it tightly as we kiss under the stars. Your hand interlaced in mine as we sit and share the day. 

Touch me with your heart. Love me through my darkness and add your light to mine so we shine brighter together. Heal me with your presence when life wounds me. Reflect all the love I give to you back to me and I will do the same to you.

Touch me with your body. Wrap yourself around me so we create the warmest, comfiest knot in the world. Wrap yourself around me as we become one and burn in a passionate blaze all through the night. Rest you head on my chest as we drift off to a deep slumber.

Touch me with your soul. Open yourself up and show me the deepest, darkest and most intimate parts of you. Open your soul so that mine can seek refuge in its light. Bear yourself to me, vulnerable and trusting and I vow to do the same.

Touch me with all of you. Touch me with your hands. Touch me with your heart. Touch me with your body. Touch me with your soul. Touch me until I can feel you in every part of me, in every part of my being. Touch me with all that you are and I will return the favor.

© Seductive Poetry
What once was
Can never be
What we were
Is just a memory
A shot to my heart
A cold delivery
Was it really that bad?
For you to do this to me

All that time
All those issues
Never faced
All that love
Now a bitter taste
All that I was
Was replaced

What now is
Will forever be
Her and I
She and me
This is the way
It was meant to be
2 hearts
Beating in harmony

© Seductive Poetry
There’s a killer in us all

It doesn’t render flesh and bone

It goes for something much deeper

It attacks the heart and soul

It confuses and damages the mind

It feasts on insecurities and doubts

It haunts the hallow corridors of the soul

It strikes out at where it hurts the most

It doesn’t stop until it draws blood

There’s a killer in us all

And its name is anger

© Seductive Poetry

— The End —