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Arianna Jan 20
"... the threads I have rent,
and like precious jewels
they lay in shining heaps
of crimson, green, and gold
about my feet..."
Loreena McKennitt - "The Lady of Shalott":


Loreena McKennitt - "Penelope's Song"
Arianna Jan 17
It enters
From the night,
A creature of torchlight

          Poised and ethereal

From pose to pose
With disjointed grace

          Limbs frozen, contorted
          In every-way triangles

Fair, infernal moon
Masked in the guise
Of those black-eyed Erinyes;
Decked in bells,
Clinking at the strike of feet
Punctuating the raucousness of flutes
With the kithara:

          Prowling beneath the rhythm,
          Twirling melodies through the candleshades

'Ere riseth Dawn,
Leaning upon the wild mountains,
When the vision retreats
Behind the veil, and is gone.
Inspired by "The Bacchae" and the movements of Balinese dance.
Ann Brandt Aug 2018
In anger he finds me, knife at the ready.
His words lash me first; ****** jabs to my back.
My soul screams out for help while by body stays calm and quiet.
The sun setting behind me sooths my wounds
A flash of lighting explodes in the sky as the winds whip around us.
The ground we stand on shakes and he falls to his knees in surprise.
Grass burns around him as heat seeps from the broken ground in anger.
Another flash of lightning flashes across the sky in warning as he makes it to his feet again.
Stumbling toward me he trips on broken ground; his knife plunging deep into my heart.
My blood seeps into Her, I feel myself slipping.
She opens up and swallows me as I take my final breath.
Dark Fjord Mar 2017
ballet at christmas, so soon before easter
the maypole rises silly, anyone for an ****?
Grey Jan 2016
Admetus swallowed the sun.
His throat was raw, tongue heavy with words.
Words of praise, of worship,
but the sun refuted him.
His light was dimmed,
hidden by dirt and muck, things he chose.
He seemed more human than God,
and Admetus loved him for it.
Still, the sun shows affection by shining brightly.
He glinted off coins, off crown, off sparkling seas.
He crested the horizon, casting shadows.
He shone on Admetus,
reflecting the deep bronze of his skin,
the curve of his spine,
the length of his fingers,
the line of his waist,
the tip of his tongue as it passed his lips,
the shadow of hair on his jaw,
the ridge of his calf.
He seemed more God than human,
and the sun loved him for it.
He fought for Admetus,
gave him all he wanted,
and took what he too desired.
But still, the sun is eternal.
Man is finite.
The sun shone on Admetus for as long as he could,
longer than he should have,
stealing back time from the grasp of silver scissors.
But it was not enough.
And when Admetus’ time came,
the sun was dim.
The twilight fell upon the world,
and the darkness seemed to last for an eternity,
though it is not told in story or verse.
Admetus swallowed the sun,
his body warm,
his eyes bright,
his fingers spread.
And then the sun swallowed him whole.
Clara Romero Nov 2015
This one's for the forgotten gods,
for the gods whose names have faded from memory,
lost to time.
Starved from lack of devotion
You deserved better

This one's for the changed gods,
for the gods who have been made a mockery of,
reduced to comic book characters.
Living on scraps of prayers.
You will be great again

This one's for the new gods,
for the highways, TVs, casinos.
And of course the Father.
Growing fat on belief.
*You too will fade
Grey Sep 2015
my Lady
though she belongs to none
light of the Moon
frowning down upon
the empty land
and lowered mounts
the ten pointed Star
crowns her head
and comets string her bow
Her arrow pierces
the center of my forehead
and I am Made new
made eternal
until my blood
feeds the cereus
that blooms only
at Night

— The End —