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Darting back and forth
Lie after another lie
This is how we live our life
Never getting the courage to change
Can't ever be honest
They'll think it's fake
Or make their troubles exaggerated
Always pushing us down
Making us feel worse
I don't blame them though '
It's human nature
Living in the form of I
To avoid conflict we stay out of sight
Just like the mouse everyone wants dead
That's how we're seen
Just the bother
Always complaining about the bad
But how do we talk about the good
When there is none
Maybe we seem negative
But when we see you laughing
We think how
How can that person even laugh?
I could never feel that way
This is how we life our life
This is a poem I'm hoping relates to the people who have been depressed. I want to give you a safe place where you don't feel alone. Let me know what you think.
You fill yourself with toxicity
Wish you could see
The beauty I find
Which lights you up

It never goes away
Always there
Your brown locks
And everything below

Your smile shines bright
Like there's not a care in the world
But I know what's hidden underneath
The things you want to hide from

I wish I could know
To hold you while your spiral happens
So you feel my embrace
And be loved instead

I know you hide from yourself
I wish I could tell you
I'll care for you
But I know you won't believe

Is there some way I could show it?
That I'm not going to leave
Because of your inside
Haven't I given you proof already?

I understand it
But sometimes you have to explore
And discover the pain
To turn it into comfort

You'll never find satisfaction
With your inside
If you're lying to yourself
It'll effect the outside too

I know it's hard
But I want to do this with you
I don't abandon people
So please
Can I come in?
Let me know what you think.
Brighter than I thought
You lit up my life
Gave me confidence
I wouldn't be alone forever
Not everyone was judgmental

I don't know why I love you
But sometimes that's all that's needed
I've read somewhere that you know its real
When you can't explain why you love someone

I could never express my full feelings
There's just too much happening
My heart is a mess trying to figure it out
The twist and pull can only be called love

This may come across as cheesy
But I'm not sure how else to express this

It's like my world was in ruin and everything reversed
Falling in place
With you at the very center

This is the reason
I call you this
The very center
My sun
My sunshine
I wanted to write something about my wonderful girlfriend. Let me know what you think.
I want to just hide
Away from everyone
Maybe I do need meds
I'm not sure if I can make it much longer
I just don't know how to speak up about it
How do you hide from yourself?
Is it physically possible?
If it is someone please help
Tell me how
I just wanna be gone
Let me know what you think.
Why am I like this?
It shouldn't be this way
Am I really alone
Or is it my brain just forcing me back
Back in time
To the dark
To this inescapable prison
Where have I gone
Where are you
Whoever you are
I can't do this myself
I just keep falling
No one realizes
I'm slowly failing life
The longer I go the more I fail
Slowly crumbling with every step
Failure is second nature now
It hurts but I can't get around it
I can't stop it now
I'm gone
Doomed to this world of darkness
Of failure
Will my brain ever let me go
Or do I need someone?
Let me know what you think.
Sunset Meadows Nov 2019
He sits
All alone

For his love

Never would he guess
He would fall for him

A beautiful man
As bright as the sun

Like a flower
With no time to fade

Fluffy hair
Bouncing in the wind

What I wouldn't do
To have him as mine

Over time they fell
Falling deeper as time went on

Finally ending
This romantic fairy tale
Tell me what you think.
Sunset Meadows Nov 2019
Sometimes I wonder
Who sees me for me
And who just sees a person

Does it make it easier for them
To target a faceless person
Rather than a ******

Is that all I am
A ******
Just a messed up person
Whose brain forces harm

What makes me so different than you?
Than the normal ones

Where are the ones who arise for us
Have they all disappeared?
Left us for death?
Tell me what you think.
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