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Floor Nov 2019
God she is so thin  
Embraced her darkest sin
She's fading in perfection
And losing her perseption

God she is just skin
Tried to fight the demons from within
But eventually let them win
She's fading into darkness
Can't remember where her heart is
Floor Nov 2019
All I want is for what we have to be real
Floor Nov 2019
You branded me with love
Kissed me with poison between your lips
Looked at me with storms in your eyes
Baby you never loved me
You never did
You broke me down
I had to start from scratch
You branded me with love
Kissed me with poison between your lips
Looked at me with storms in your eyes
Baby you never loved me
And it ruined me
Floor Nov 2019
She's an unknown girl
Puts a smile on when she's ready
Walks past you fierce and steady
And you will never know what's going on
She's the one with broken limbs
Scratches and scars cover her skin
And she still remains an unknown girl
That's all she is to the world
Floor Nov 2019
You're the one I want to keep
And hold in my arms
For as long as the clock is ticking
Kissing the soft spot in your neck
Getting your scent all over me
The more I breathe it in, the more I long for you
And I am not one to write love poems
But you made me do it anyways
Floor Nov 2019
Disgustingly full of selfhatred
I once again push a knife to my skin
Red pearls fall to the ground
They are filled with rage and pain
I can't remember a time before my fall
They cut my wings with silver blades
They teached me how to do it
So now I'm pulling feathers out of my skin
And wish no more
Floor Nov 2019
I want to feel the poetry in my blood
I want to feel the words form a structure around my bones
Kindly reminding me of you in a way only words can do
I want to feel the explanation mark in my heart grow bigger as our lips converge
I want the commas to never end, and the periods to never emerge from the depths of my mind
We make poetry babe, you and I will forever remain alive in the words I have written
Because I love you as much as the words in my poems
And I will never let go of that feeling
Floor Nov 2019
I will show my teeth in full ornate
Trying to scare you away with this ****** mess of mine
The pile of bones I'm sitting on, my throne, is collapsing
All that's left is water to drown in
I'm not proud of the decision I made to scare you away
But I love you
And you'll break with me if I don't leave you behind
I'll see you in another life
And miss your lips before that time
Floor Nov 2019
It's there when I eat
And it's right next to me when I fall asleep
It's there when I'm walking
And it's leaning over my shoulders when I cry
I've learnt to live this way
The crippling fear of being alive has consumed me
It's always there
It graps me, pulls me in, leans over for a kiss, but puts a knife right through my back
I can still taste the fear on my lips as I go down on my knees
I never went this low to the ground
I feel dizzy as I try to pull myself up
But it keeps on pushing me back
I will never get up
Floor Oct 2019
Help, I've done it again
I've been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
Seeing the blood made me feel okay
I've been here many times before
This pitch black hole they call depression
It's a beast feasting on my innards
There's nothing left but pain
I can't breathe. The weight of being alive is pulling me under
I can't function without feeling the wall between me and my emotions
I just want to close my eyes to never wake up again
I'm done giving to a world so ****** up as this one
I'm done living in a society that tells me how to behave
I am so ******* tired
I want to die
No. I need to die
I don't have any purpose
I'm drowning, can't you see?
It's inhumane to keep me here
In a life that isn't made for me
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