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Guden Oct 7
How can I sleep?
When there’s a railroad
Inside my window
Near my amygdala,
When music plays
On television.
How can I sleep?
When she keeps saying
She misses me,
Yet I don’t know
What this means.
How can I sleep?
If there are blue screens
In the morning it kicks in.
How can I sleep?
If the song
Has not ended
Nor will it stop
In the near future
Since I paid
For no commercial breaks.
Guden Oct 7
When the wind blows
Through the drapes,
Half open.
A breeze
Comes from somewhere
To play with the smoke.
On the table
There is incense
Going up in essence.
The radio keeps talking,
And screaming
At me,
With me?
My imaginary friends
Would call me paranoid
If I had any.
Guden Jul 29
I was born in Summer
Almost at the end of it,
I have forgotten the warmth
Of the Sun.
Autumn has been my life,
Most of it
With fallen leaves
Clogging the sewers,
The streets of my story.
I’m in Winter now,
Ice and snow
Cover the doorway,
I  would say this may be the reason
Nobody visits,
Yet it is impossible for me to go out either,
It seems.
I wish I could see Spring,
I have heard marvelous things of it.
I imagine what it is like
To enjoy a cold breeze
While the Sun is warm.
Guden Jul 28
Today I received a visit from my friend Pax,
She had been lost,
But she won't stay here long.
I offered her a cup of tea
And asked her where she had been,
She told me she was living on the moon,
Since there was no room for her here,
Among bullets and tv,
Football and jealousy,
Pax felt overwhelmed.
I tried to comfort her,
Her mood was contagious.
I asked her to leave
Since the movie was about to begin.
Pax said she was returning to the satellite,
From where the world seems quiet,
From where the world cup is unimportant,
And we all look equally foolish.
Today I received a visit from Pax,
My dearest friend,
Perhaps, I should call her more often.
Guden Jul 28
Your silence
Drives me crazy,
Yet everything drives me crazy,
You are just one
Of everyday things.
Like the song that is in my head
Since this morning,
Over and over
I hate it, I hate you.
Your silence deafening my ideas
Making despair seem real.
I’ve learned to live with madness
In and out,
Love and hate,
Cats and dogs.
Madness of silence,
It doesn’t let me sleep;
The loud noise
Of my mind
Burning in flames of oblivion,
If you go quiet, I can’t hear myself
I don’t perceive,
Nor do I breathe,
I only hope hopelessly
For the silence
Of your voice
To end.
Guden Jul 17
I taught a woman
How to speak
About love.
She taught me
How to feel it,
In my bones,
Under my skin.
A priestess of the moon
Was sent to me,
From a lonely planet.
She made me thankful
And hopeful,
A fool.
When my armor and mask
Made me go
On autopilot
She would hold my hand
She would hold my soul,
Naked as well.
We would cry,
We would talk,
We could spend Saturday in bed
She gave me a present,
In the present.
My present is her.
Simple present.
I have known her my whole life.
I guess that’s present perfect.
Guden Jul 17
I’ve been stubborn
For some time.
I lied to myself
For some time.
She was in the middle
Of my lies
We tried several times.
She had my baby in her womb.
I couldn’t lie anymore.
I hope she would forgive me,
In time.
She’ll always see my face,
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