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Guden Aug 2022
In the vacuum of that kiss,
Those hugs
At all the terminals
Of farewells.

In that void
What you be to me,
Lost in traducción,
Is transformed
In adiós.

Our bond
Of foods
And looks.
Smiles and rubs.
Is gone.

You're not in my day,
I don't wait for you on Sundays
I don't think of you
At the rink,
At the club,
In my arms.

Entre emociones
No te hagas responsable
De las mías,
Demasiada empatía
Es peligrosa.
Guden Jul 2022
The gods and the universe
Took a three year giant **** on me
And that's not my kink
The excuse of my emotions
The reality of someone else in your bed
A deja boo
My prayers were answered
With a mock
Leaving me soft
Eventually numb
The moon is my enemy
The dream was a nightmare.
Guden Jun 2022
Sometimes I look at you,
And love runs through my veins.
A love that that brings energy
For my brain,
My muscles,
My spirit.
Sometimes I look at you,
And I don't understand,
What you're doing here,
With me,
Why you love me
So broken
Beyond repair.
Sometimes I look at you,
And I want to drag you
To this hole I'm living in,
Perhaps that way
I won't be so lonely
Perhaps that way
You'll feel what I feel
And discover
You'll be better off somewhere else.
Guden May 2021
Un gato tuerto que mira
Desde una pandereta,
Desdén en su rostro.
A un lado camina un perro
Un hombre policial también.
Tuerto el gato
No distingue profundidad,
No hay diferencia entre el perro
Y el hombre que camina,
Por un barrio que no es suyo
Ningún barrio le pertenece
Si defiende
A los ricos.
Y esos ricos
No lo quieren cerca suyo,
Preocupado de su vida arreglada,
Acomodada y maldita,
Malditos siempre.
En la pandereta
Mira el gato
Con un ojo,
Bajo él, los rayados
Nos recuerdan que como este gato
Hay muchos
Para el resto
Tener dos ojos
Es un privilegio.
Para los perros
El privilegio es no tener corazón.
Guden May 2021
Muffled sounds of laughter
At a clandestine gathering
Fourteen floors down the hill
The music stopped so the cops don't show up
They are seldom invited
That's why they are so bitter
Against people who are having fun
Yet the laughter continues
Old jokes are chanted like ancient anthems
Laughter is old and new
Guden May 2021
Rhythm is a song in itself
It's a word with music as you say it
Rhythm has the sound
And the tone
And the rhythm
Of music
In a word
Guden May 2021
Grow up
Short version
Lives not a game
Adventures are treasurous
I need a vaccine

Long version
Maybe a little of
And the traditional
I don't really care.
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