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Talis Ren Mar 10
morphine overdose
helium high
mafia players
killing in sight
take me out
by candle light
hitman’s dessert:
the bullet delight
Mohamed Nasir Feb 2018
There's a flower in between the rocks
Undesireable unless one seek the flower
In cravices in the shadows of ***** towers
Procure trade on whims of nameless men
Openly or in disguise she thrives due to
Demands, in decadence of her world
The underworld enslave her soul
Like the geisha in *******
Decries a social stigma
Imposing upon her
Remove her off
The streets if
you will
Back sprouting
Amongst people and rocks
Enticing yet perceived as weeds still.
Isaac Godfrey Aug 2017
The Man was at the tavern at 08:30, 13th February, 1929
Flatcap on, and average but he couldn't help but notice the Men behind him dressed so fine.
See, for the booth behind held 7 men with 7 glasses of blood red wine,
But what were the men doing on the day before Valentine?

Did he know that those shadows concealed scars upon the leader's face?
and did he know for certain it was a Violin in that Violin case?
Thought the Flatcapped man as he held a half-empty pint of beer,
that these suited men in question, are suited men he should fear?
He knew that these men hid secrets.  Secrets he wouldn't dare try find.
But he knew most of all the leader had sorts of plotting scattered in this mind.
15th of February, 1929 and the Flatcap Man returns to the Bar,
He stands nearby the taps and looks around ~ he's the only one here so far.
The guy sits down and adjusts his cap, then orders a pint and pulls out the Friday news,
He remembers that he saw men on the 13th, and thought the men he saw were certainly shady, and what he sees on the papers proves...
14th February, 2 gangs take control of organized crimes in charcoal jackets and pressed fedora hats,
The south side Italians clash with the Irish-Americans, then invite Egan's Rats.
7 Men found dead in Chicago, shot and squashed like bugs,
But that is how all ends, if your life is in the hands of Notorious thugs,
All 7 Men found with bullets in their head,
few of them with broken bones and a heart pierced by Lead.
Of course this massacre was for everyone to hear,
and anyone who heard, it was definite they'd fear.
A narrative writing about the Valentine's Massacre, a shooting lead by notorious criminal boss, Al Capone.
there's a mafia don
operating on the verse's patch
if anyone ticks him off
the eraser does a fast dispatch*

you'll be completely rubbed out
with an instantaneous flick
by his quick 48 revolver's
rapid fire trigger click

the Sicilian mobster
is a regular Al Capone
clearing they who ******
at his most tactile bone

Luigi strikes fear on
issuing a list of target dots
which so irritate him in
*the imprecise spots
It was very standoffish
back in the forties
I wish I'd been there.

Not so different today
just a new way of being
in and seeing things in
a different way.

a torpedo
killed time in
the winery

a fine fellow he,

but down there in the canyons
loose cannons
all hope.
ya watch the old movies and the mind starts its wandering.
Deathreat Man sends a My Little Pony minus a body
to the Corleonasi, but he ain't no brony, only
demonstratin' stones so stonking
that Don Cagni di Lacey cups his own coglioni
in his mafiablack incontinence *****,
sobbing dishonourably, like his ladycop namesakes
off the box, were they on the beat and on the blob.
Viseract Aug 2016
Wake me up I'm falling
Stuttering and stalling
With nowhere to run, and no place to hide
A beast deep inside,
Is rising

Rise, like a tidal wave
Rise, to every lie they gave
Rise, for it is your time,
To slay all these haters with power of rhyme

Freedom of expression helps fight depression...

Moment of silence
On an empty stomach
Then comes a rumble
At the smell of apple pie crumble

Moon is out of this world
Annie is our favourite girl
I hope no-one else sees this
And starts singing about my *****

****** mind in a slaughter house
Anti-Ducks about this life
But with a Kiwi accent if I may
Tis "Anti-Ducks about this life"

We went outside,
Still high
Decided to munch and play games
Forgot our phones outside

Smash the boundaries,
Tear down the walls
Won't stop tearing
Til' we seen Ben's *****

Break down barriers,
Smack 'em down
Walking past ducker-*******
Delirious like a clown

Smiling all the way
With a crazy little laugh
On this spectacular journey
Into the past

It's time to get to the end of this family rhyme
We all pitched in with whatever we could find
It's beautiful and grand, a real sight to see
This Mafia family of mine

It's our time our life
Crazy running red lights
Grand stand, stage band time to curtain call
But it never ends, we fam!


*Annie's the funniest girl
Her hair blazes like sunset
But she keeps talking about my *****
I mean seriously...
She done yet???
Poetic mafia family collab. Thanks all! This is the funny stuff we come up with. JOIN US, DUCK HATERS!!!
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