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LC Apr 2021
the glass broke through my skin,
piercing my heart over and over.
the agony brought me to my knees
as I carefully removed the shards.
the wounds sting, craving relief,
from a soothing, cool, light balm.
I slowly apply it, closing my eyes
as it enters the wounds on my heart,
bringing me comfort as I start to heal.
#escapril day 12!
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2020
The beach was inviting,
A balm to my stressed soul.
The salty ocean air was impish today,
It hugged me and caressed my dishevelled hair,
It even tried to lift my skirt above my knees but I held onto it tightly.
The young white waves came running towards me,
Giggling and splashing sea water over my toes and above my
One large swell rolled me over and shouldered me under,
Drenched I played with the waves.
Soon I swam over to the bobbing boats to rest,
A seagull hovered over me before flying away.
Before the tide could recede I swam back to the shore,
I walked along the beach collecting shells which took my fancy ,
The warm sand was delighted to feel my bare feet. And as the sun went down the sky was splashed in peach and orange and purple colours,
The sun's warmth still lingered on me,
I decided to head home.
Salmabanu Hatim Aug 2018
Friends are our WiFi connection to life,
An ATM card in need,
A key that turns our sorrow into a smile,
A balm for our pain,
A moisturiser for our success,
Guardians of our secrets,
A rocking partner , a soulmate.
The foundation of a good marriage is friendship.
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Mark Wanless Nov 2017
"Clouds of Thought"

The muse arrives with familiar ease
And illumines the realm of inner view.
Quietly births a soulful breeze
Forms clouds of thought in purest hue.
How lifted do I tread and plod,
Humble receptacle, servant of God.

Each mortal frame a joy contains
That soothes the soul and heart to find.
A healing balm for worldly pains
A heavenly cleft from beastly mind.
Oh, how honored do we tread and plod,
Humble receptacles, servants of God.
Cynthia Jean Aug 2017
Our doggie

needed a home

loves to play

brings her toys

cuddles up

brings such joy

to hurting hearts

a balm to us

fills that place

of pain

for her

for us.

Cynthia Jean 2017
what a gift and blessing our Lydia has been for the past year....a perfect gift from God.
The Napkin Poet Dec 2016
Every ounce of pressure against my veins,
like the flood of heavy summer rains.
Trying to escape the coating of my flesh,
internal tensions I could not oppress.
I hear crickets, smell the morning dew.
All I can ever concentrate on is you.
Made to feel nervous but oh so calm,
sometimes even sweet like cherry lip balm.
A moment of combustion then release,
your tongue wanders onto my body, into a crease.
I'll never care if I get rich,
so ever long as you ease my twitch.
Stale smoke and the scent of butane,
breath seeps into me like a bloodstain.
You, a child at heart
and I, a freak into abstract art, like Ad Reinhardt.
What a fine creation, our own constellation,
an innovation, better than intoxication.
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016

must be like

being embraced by

the several loving arms of strangers

all that love

a balm

for all the places

other strangers

have hurt you
S R Mats Mar 2015
-The north winds whistling through the eaves
-Your gritty mumblings in deep sleep
-The rain hitting the bedroom window
-Blown derbies upon the panes

These things brew an ointment,
which I will rub into my soul for eternity.
poetry, you comforting solace!
balm, on the chapped lips of cracked hearts,
soothing salve on the conscience of guilt
struggling, you find a space for yourself to snuggle in, hide and cry! :)
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