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Have you ever wished you never embarked on that journey?
Have you ever wished you never picked that call?
Have you ever wished you never said hello?
Have you ever wished you never joined that group?
Have you ever wished never attended that meeting?
Have you ever wished you never attended that institution?
Have you ever wished you didn't say 'I do'?
Have you ever wished you never terminated it?
Have you ever wished you said no?

Well the truth is, as long as you're alive you'll still make more mistakes and you'll still wish you never made them.
You may never know how terrible a road is if you have never plied it.
Just don't stop believing. Stay positive!
Learn from your mistakes and rise above them.
I've not set my eyes on you
But I know you're beautiful
I painted a portrait of you
In my heart
I can't wait to paint you
In reality
I watched a fly get stuck in a cobweb
The more it tried to get out
The more it got entangled in it
The frustration was real
It reminded me of how many
Are stuck in the cobweb of life
But one thing was common
With everyone who made it out alive
Unlike the fly, they stopped trying
And started trusting
Nobody gets rid of what's on the inside
By hurting himself on the outside
Trust someone with it
I wrote this to encourage everyone who is depressed or contemplating suicide. Don't die in silence. Trust someone with it.
There's a woman who bled for a dozen years
All she had to console her were her tears
But she was made whole when she touched your wears

You alone art God

This other man was born blind
He looked for solution but couldn't find
But when you came into the picture sorrows went behind

You alone art God

There's hope for a tree that is cut down
That it will bud again and leave the ground
At the scent of water running through the ground

You alone art God
  Jun 2017 Oise Godsent Abode
I am not complex

I am clad in armour
Wrought of all
The charming heartbreak
That life has battered
Then tempered
Into a wise cold sheet
Waiting to be tested

This shiny layer
Is filled with cracks
Where the blows seep
Deeper than I ever expect
Except the surprise
Is all pervading
Every single time

Beneath the iron
Lies the army of brambles
They crunch and they snap
Blood slits, nicks and traps
Into a mess borne of desire
Clapping at my solitude
Caressing my sorry wounds

I entomb myself here
To ensure my repentance
For every false movement
I dare to make
To attain a certain happiness
Which herein has no place

Beyond the bush
Lies an ocean of water
Annoying abundance
Leaves me treading
On rapid tide movements
Relapses and storms
Where the odd clear day
Lets me swim onto the sand

Dampened and panting
Clothes ripped and shrinked
I forget every time
Then declare myself king
Of the island of tranquility
Where the ocean reaches not
Except when the moon decides
She descends with heavy floods

My tears are my next saviour
For they are lighter in the water
Upon them I can float
And keep me breathing
Through the salt
Now that its seeping
Through the cuts
I let them float me
Through my steely gates

Now left ajar for all the passing
There's hinges hanging rusted
From the moisture in air
I declare my pardon anyway
For I daren't enter without warning
That's happened once before
It took me days to  swim to shore

The voice of intuition
Lets me know to come inside
From here I actually feel the things
So I can then describe
I sit on giant petals
To peruse what I've not felt
Then shout above the crashing waves
To resonate through the pearly gates
To negotiate the thorn bush
Then become the warrior's bane

Only then can I tell you
After the words reach my limbs
How nimble I must be
Even though I'm rather simple
To feel and fetch and crawl
Then rule and fight
Bleed raw delighted
To let you know
That I'm not complex
You need the latter
To run the former
Grace is all we need to run the race
To die is painful
But I know of no other way up
The way up is down
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