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james nordlund Mar 2021
Would ne'er play in a patriarchal,
'men only', anything, except for it's
theme's the 24 th International
Women's Day, on 3-8-21, sadly,
it may be my last one, here, in
your poetry contest, thanx kindly.

This year's main theme's women's
leadership, especially during this
covided year, only the latest, at
least, purposely not prevented
unnatural disaster, not counting
climate crisis' natural ones,

hoisted on humanity by the fossil
fuel headed global oligarchy,
through it's spearhead, the united
**** of assassin's republican
organized crime conspiracy, as it's
latest tool exterminating humanity

to it's extinction.  Like the yoke,
that's no joke, almost defacto-slavery,
put on all newborn neck by the corp.  
structure, it's convolution, and Man,
which can only end by abolishing
fossil fuel use, "there's a beacon

in the sky meant to catch your eye",
Happy Rhodes.  It's a hopeful sign
that Kamala Harris is the first Vice
President of US whose a woman,
and President Biden's doing a great
job.  Solemn lowering of # of, and

remembering the tens of millions of
premeditatedly exterminated, in their
global class war against the lower-
middle-class to poor, targeting men,
is our duty to those martyrs, and
women are at the forefront of this,

as they are in so many vital fields
of endeavor.  Whereas the % of
mass-murdered by pandemic who
are men is more, women are more
effected in totality, specifically they
make up the largest group of front-

line health + family caregivers, and
are at higher risk, suffering the horrid
death toll from that too.  If vlad-the-
impaler, the patriarchy's, la machine's
tres facile global conspiracy didn't
illegally install Utin's **** into The

BlackHouse, a President Hillary
would have stopped the death toll
here at ten thousand, instead of the
**** of Utin's million murdered.
Joe's righting of our Ship of State
the S.S. Tea Party tugged into rocks,

may not be enough to prevent Man's
extinction, it gives US a shot though.
Tragically, in the future kids, women
will be little more than a food source
if we don't mothball NASA, stop their
Mars Colony 'exit strategy', their

'final solution', extinction of humanity
on Earth, necessitates.  Trillions spent
on it come from destroying the Earth
through fossil fuel use, when if it were
left in the ground, instead, humanity
wouldn't be extinct on Earth, awaken.
International Women’s Day 2021 - UN & UN Women Present #IWD2021:   .  Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world", "abhaya, fearlessness, is most important for an individual and a nation", "the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science".  You know why they put a female child in charge of the global climate crisis movement, so it will only fail; don't you let it- or her legitimize supposed science, the premeditated mass-****** of 8 billion humanes.  Write on.  Have a pleasant day   :)   reality
Davina E Solomon Mar 2021
There it looms, a life like mountain/ sheathed in fynbos, all shades of green/ while the cape drags in reluctant seaweed/ and the wind makes contrails of my hair/

I ascend too with the heather, the rooibos and the hottentot/ We climb/ now a collective of exaggerated beauty/ defiant in wind, spray and fire/

There are leaves as prone as a flat lined heart/ reeds as resilient as a returning pulse/and we all watch the hope of yolk/ of a Sunday sun dipping into the ocean/promising to rise again/

We creep up the leeward and the windward/ ensconced in the spiral of a soul entropy/ determined to survive every rock and crevice/ to hoist ourselves up the flagpole of the cosmic plan/
I wove the Fynbos or the shrub vegetation of the Cape Floral Region (South Africa) in this poem dedicated to a resilient womanhood.
Anna Mink Mar 2021
Pretty women
are fans of blue,
craft beer, and football season too.
Pretty women
can prefer girls
who strain their neck with vintage pearls.
Pretty woman
are feminine
when they wear fur pelts and sheepskin.
Pretty women
are still pretty
and don't need your views or pity.

Fu*k us pretty girls.
We’re pretty women.

~ A.M, F.H.
Edited & Published 8th of March 2021.
Written 8th of April 2019.
Rashma Mar 2020
Minimum wage at a sewing factory
the air thick with the smell of cheap dye
and the determination of making ends meet

raising three kids alone in a foreign country
where no one speaks your mother tongue

breaking down the wall of cultural restraints
so your daughter could pursue her dreams
giving her the freedom to soar
even if it meant caging yours

our favourite meals even after a long, hard day
the embracing aroma of spices as we enter the house
insisting you are not hungry
so we could have the last bite

falling asleep to the lullaby of your voice
reading through the crinkled pages of Urdu stories

your endless, fearless support as we grew up
if only we could see ourselves through your eyes

for what you have endured, words can’t express
your resilience, your courage, your love

-to the strongest woman I know
We strive to drift
On these cliff
Which we struggle to cruise
In reach of our goals

Scars in our feels
Journeys on our feet
In which hope peels
And **** the abuses
We ever feared

Paper preaches our existence
Life rob our occurrence
In a world of oneness
Manipulated by our weakness

Oh dear Women,
The wake has come
To coil our unionism
To roar our attribute
That stand tall on us

Never alone should you feel
As a whole we exist
To heal our struggles
In realm of our cliff.
In celebration of international women's day, I celebrate the beautiful ladies I know and globally.
Aaron LaLux Mar 2019
What’s up,
what’s going on with you these days,
how have you been where have you been
just wanted to let you know that I still love you,
because I know it’s been awhile,
some would even say forever or at least that's what it feels like,
but forever feels like only a moment when you're immortal,
as an Endless Infinite Being living in Infinity,

tell me,
what’s your truth,
why do you rise in the morning what're the motives for your motions,
do you pray & if you do how do you pray & to whom do you pray to,
& how do you handle the hate & do you always make room for the love,
& why do you struggle at all I mean seriously what’s the use,
stress isn't worth the stress so why subject yourself to what feels incorrect,
instead of this try to relax find some perspective & learn to listen to you,

we've been misled by the stimulants that we're fed,
to believe that material things are more important than human beings,
we worship inanimate objects like they have a life of their own,
which is why instead of making eye contact we just look down at a screen,

checking Facebook Messenger & our Twitter feeds,
preferring to live life vicariously through tweets than to live the real thing,

living life & doing things not for the experience but for the likes it gets,
our only vice is being guided by the eye of the Public's biases,
victims of our own timelines we traded away our sovereignty for notoriety,
what is this society what happened to the days of Prince Ra & Princess Isis,

or more correctly The Days of The God Ra & The Goddess Isis.

Where have the Gods gone?
Are all the Gods gone?

Are we living in a Post-Religion-Apocalyptic Epoch of Existence?

Everything’s possible I guess,

I guess,
either way it isn't worth the stress,
I guess just be blessed & let everything click & fall into place,
because one must confess we are the honest embodiment of much success.

& success comes,
after lots of yes,
so say yes,
just say yes.

& hey Bless what’s up,
what’s going on with you these days,
how have you been where have you been
just wanted to let you know that I still love you,
because I know it’s been awhile,
some would even say forever or at least that's what it feels like,,
but forever feels like only a moment when you're immortal,
as an Endless Infinite Being living in Infinity,

& all these words offer us up everything except apologies,

fck it,
apologies as well,

I said it,
might as well say I'm sorry because it seems I've said everything else,

so I apologize.

“I apologize on behalf of all men we messed up & I accept that,
but honestly we didn't know what else we were supposed to do,
& please don't misconstrue this apology as an excuse,
because there is no excuse for the way we gave away all this abuse,
it's just we were fatherless all our were leaders lacked commonsense,
& this miscreants mislead us into thinking that is was cool to mistreat you,
so we lost our morals & all common decency as we lost our commonsense,
& you didn't bother to tell us either because you're as lost as us too,
so on behalf of all men I apologize in all my honestness,
but honestly we didn't know what to do see we were as lost as you.”,

in this microcosm somewhat awesome mini-universe called Los Angeles,

in this mini-universe called Los Angeles,
we lost our angel wings,
in a place where everything seems easy,
but then again nothing is what it seems,
navigating through the soulless glows of low neon egos,
plastic smiles & absent minded sidetracks with high self esteem,
where good ideas meet bad company & they make a movie out of it,
& you can sign a contract for millions but can't buy backs your dreams,

see its seems,
we are all sleepwalking in this day dream,
& truth be told sometimes all I want to do,
is walk down the hill I'm on from Mulholland to Hollywood Blvd. & scream,


it must be so liberating to be a mad man,

but these days,
in most cases crazy is dismissed as lost,
meanwhile Madmen on Television make bad decisions,
while still portraying the American Dream slogan that “Money is Boss.”,
& therefore you should make more at all costs,
but what good is made if while your getting paid but your soul is getting lost?

What good is money,
without peace of mind,
because you can’t escape yourself no matter how much money you make,
or how many drugs you take because you can't get away no matter how high,

so even if you forget all of this because of short term memory loss,
remember that fact even if you don't remember why,

see before I had money,
& I’d complain about inequality & they'd  call me bitter,
& after I got money,
& complained about inequality they called me hypocritical,

you can make some of the people happy all the time,
& all of the people happy some of the time,
but you can’t make all the people happy all the time,

ah well,
I never asked to be their abused Muse anyways,
nevertheless I became a slave to my art was consumed too soon,
& the same thing that had freed me made me enslaved,

& I've got so much more to say,
but I'm simply exhausted right now & can't continue to elaborate,
because it's been a long night I'm tired,
& I just want to find a place to lay my God what a day,

what a day,
what a day it’s been,
feels like it’s been days since I’ve seen you,
lifetimes even,

please come see me,
I've got so many reasons for you to visit,
& you've got not one reason not to,
so please come at once I insist that you come this instant,

come check in before we both check out,
& when you arrive I will only have one question & it's this,

“What's up?”,

what’s up,
what’s going on with you these days,
how have you been where have you been
just wanted to let you know that I still love you,
because I know it’s been awhile,
some would even say forever or at least that's what it feels like,
but forever feels like only a moment when you're immortal,
as an Endless Infinite Being living in Infinity...
∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
Gods1son Mar 2019
I give women double respect
Not because they are weaker
as some would think
But because they are stronger and meek

Without a woman, I wouldn't be here
She housed me for 9 months in her belly
She withstood and embraced all my kicks
(Trust me, I was **** good at it)

Listen to them and you'll be amazed
at the wisdom with which they speak
They sure deserve equal chances to lead
Pay them the wages they deserve

All women are beautiful outside and within
When it comes to caring for the family
Sorry men, we are no match
Often times, we are more about the money

When they give birth
Let's give them a sufficient maternity leave
Because they do it for the world at large
That's another problem solver brought to the world

We've got to treat them like Queens
Honor them, pamper them, believe in them
'cause without them,
we wouldn't all be here
From the bottom of my heart,
I say... I love y'all
This is coming from a man
Humble Mar 2019
We need
A world where women
are not objectified
but are instead dignified

Because a world without women
would be a wasteland
Women should be appreciated and respected.
ali Mar 2018
Winning everyday
Over those who
Mistakenly don’t realize how strong
Every single one of us is.
Never underestimate a

p.s. or you’ll just look bad- we’re not afraid to fight for each other
Beda Flores Mar 2018
" We women are so naive sometimes
Like why do we fall for guys
Who are not worth our time
We lose the one good guy in our life
Just to be with the guy
Who treats us bad
And doesn't appreciate us
We should stand up and show them
How strong we are
Know your worth because trust me
No one should mistreat us women
No man knows how how much you are
Worth "
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