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Starry Sep 1
As I go
I see that someonr
A sharpie
And draw all over the sky
As the sun sets
Are the work of the creator
For only
It can do this
In a drawing
Starry Aug 19
As a star goes
Super nova
There emerges two wings of
A butterfly
That is the creator
To make some art.
Toxic yeti Apr 2
I have three names
But I have one personality
The nicknames
That suit
My personality

I have one birthday
Yet many lives
From the past
Some noble
And some embarrassing

I may have 46 chromosomes
But in the inside I
Am half human
And I am half wolf
Loyal into death.
Toxic yeti Mar 23
In the ice age
The people
Chase mammoths
But the chase
And **** unicorns
For their magic
As that winter is
Toxic yeti Mar 11
I shape shift into
A wolf
To be with my pack
My only family
To lead them to food.
Meals to eat
We must.
Every full moon

I shape shift in to
A wolf
So I can lead
My pack to victory
And beyond
To the moon
That we howl at.
Every full moon

I shape shift into
A wolf
To lead my pack
To help humans
Find bombs
And drugs at the airport
The enemy shall not
Be victorious
This full moon.  

Every full moon I
Change from woman
To a she wolf
Leader of my pack.
Toxic yeti Feb 23
There once was a woman
Who came back
From beyond
The grave
As a shape shifter
Though she
Can only shift into
A peacock
Whenever she wants to find love
Toxic yeti Jan 7
I follow the Dipper
To places unknown
Both physical
And emotional

These places are frightening
But I keep looking up
At the Dipper
And I find comfort.
She speaks to me in whispers
Beckoning me to the dawn of the day
Awakening me with her voice
Soft, caressing and dulcet.

She speaks to me in whispers
Her voice present without a body
She floats in the ether
I wonder can anyone else hear her?

She cleared the energy in my space
Banishing malevolent entities
Although I've never seen her face
Her voice is a reality.

She tells me about the minds of others
Thoughts I cannot hear
Between all the psychic clutter
She makes my energy clear.

She says she is a shaman woman
And works with energy
I see her as someone
Who understands me.
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