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Creepypumpkins Feb 2021
I do not look to people for guidance
I only look to the Big Dipper
FOr guidance

I do not look up to people for guidance
I look to the moon and the planets
For guidance

Whenever I’m in trouble I open the door walk outside
Look at the beauty of the night sky the bats flying outside
The starry balmy summer night

That is my mental health worker
When someone says I am a good
I say no not me
Not because of sadness
But because of joy,
Have you seen that Big Dipper
Or the seven sisters (Pleiades)
Lately by any chance
If so those are art
I did not create
For they’re perfect
The artist
Some unknown entity
Elena Mustafa Oct 2020
As the
Supper moon
Shines through one of prohodna
Into the cave
The shamaness
Does her ritual
According to the
Moons closeness,
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
The city of dreams
Not talking about
But the very mind that rests
Between your ears
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
As the ghost
Forests and
In the forest
It will open
A portal
To the another realm
**** your electronics
And maybe even you
As it dances its horrible
And creepy dance
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
As the leaves
And the vail
Not only does every
Thing does
The universe acts like social media
Where you can look up
Any spirit
And channel
Their energies
But it is also time
For demons to
Attack the goodness
Try to possess you
Starry Sep 2019
As I go
I see that someonr
A sharpie
And draw all over the sky
As the sun sets
Are the work of the creator
For only
It can do this
In a drawing
Starry Aug 2019
As a star goes
Super nova
There emerges two wings of
A butterfly
That is the creator
To make some art.
Toxic yeti Apr 2019
I have three names
But I have one personality
The nicknames
That suit
My personality

I have one birthday
Yet many lives
From the past
Some noble
And some embarrassing

I may have 46 chromosomes
But in the inside I
Am half human
And I am half wolf
Loyal into death.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
In the ice age
The people
Chase mammoths
But the chase
And **** unicorns
For their magic
As that winter is
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