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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Use imagination to picture a face
On top of mine
Empty space
In future if you find your attraction fading
If necessary to keep doubts from invading
Never want you developing a wandering eye
The alternative may mean admiration is a lie
Past chemistry we could not debate
In the present my body you are hurt by or hate
Patience no easier to get
Further than a different planet
No more mapped than dark side of the moon
Yet warmer than the bottom of this blackened spoon
Patience is cost effective
Scarce to find
Patience is free
Rare in the mind
Patience is waiting for me
For me to be a new somebody
Written 1-7-20
Bhill Sep 2020
fires raged as the winds fueled their fervor
taking on anything in their path with incredible force
moving across the ground and leaping up to reach higher fuel
doing only what fires do...
moving with the wind and leaving a path of blackened surface
is this our new reality...?

Brian Hill - 2020 # 247
Zainab Aug 2018
As the blackened-achromic night
fends off the sun's bright
The advent of inquietude
emptiness beholds
the very chambers of heart

The vile hug of gloam
So hefty,
Like a clench of lion's claw
be it's grip

The conflagurations of angst
Hopes perish
Despairs flourish
A soul dimmin'
The demise within
Arcassin B Jan 2017
by Arcassin Burnham

Like an angel forsaken and dipped in hellfire,
she was a girl of many things and many talents when the school ******
don't really expire,
she was a good liar,
she was something more electric like a live wire,
Did so many things that she wasn't proud of that a real teen wouldn't do,
girls all over school disgracing her name , like just be glad it wasn't you,
been at it since 8th grade and still ain't change in the actual,
But a nice home , good man ,two kids and a dog would be virtual,
Almost like a simulation because she thinks it won't ever happen,
remembering her last boyfriend , her was eyes were blackened,
was never a role model , she'd tell them to join the wagon,
i'll meet you at the bus stop,

As beautiful as heaven and destructive like her dad,
lived at nana's house to go to school , she was the only one she had,
and she was always sad,
because her grand daughter that she loved dearly was simply
going mad,
Had her first child with a guy that'll never leave her side,
that'll never black her eyes , that'll never make her cry,
but instead in the midst of situations he would dry her eyes,
took her to rehab and showed how to be a strong person,
He Saved her life before her life could even worsen,
I see your happy at the bus stop.
Eloi Jun 2016
A blackened sky is on the rise,
What will it mean for you and I?
The sea will part,
And then reprise,
Please don't return to the sky tonight.
Barnaby Harrison Mar 2016
Let my leaves unfurl
Let me blossom in your light
A thousand years from now
The world will bathe in my shadow
Taking solace from the ever growing heat
That falls in rays
Trapped within our land
By a thick, dense cloud of smog
The only calls are those of the extremophiles
Birds, fish, whatever they may be
All living on the edge of extinction
All adapting to the ever growing forest of fern
But not the green, luscious fern that grows today
A yellowed
A plant that can no longer take the perilous heat
A plant that will no longer grow
A plant that might
Death is already here for the plant
And is just around the corner from us…
I'm not an environmentalist but I do care for our future...
Poetic T Nov 2014
We are all matches, we all wait
For that moment where
Brings forth thought, so many
Sparks, which one will
Bring forth the chemical reaction to
Is this thought, will it be but
A fleeting moment, burned then
Before It reached its
"We are matches waiting to be struck"
With a moment of
We could burn for a life time
Or become just a blacked stick
Our minds burnt out,
"We are all matches waiting"
"For that one moment"
**"To be struck and our minds then lit up."
Bright sparks of thought

— The End —