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Debbie Lydon Sep 23
I'm glad that I am here in the depths of this hurt,
I am reminded of my life, my very own life,
This weight that is heartache that I currently bear, I'm grateful to it and the changes it is making,
My face looks ever so different in this mirror, in this sorrow new strength, in these tears an elixir.
Debbie Lydon Sep 2
Call for the aid of divinity,
Call upon the strength of my mother's chains,
Call to the resonance felt within my soul,
When my brother would whistle a tune of transcendence just outside my window.

Employ the courage of my calluses,
They were formed in the darkest of nights,
Ask for an ally in my altered form,
She's had to do this before, many times, never been a stranger to Indigo.
Debbie Lydon Sep 1
We all have something singularly unsayable within. Nothing can or will ever get to it, not even other souls. This is the loneliness we were all born with and this is our only salvation.
It is within you and me and you write a wrong in life's pages when you abandon it.
Debbie Lydon Aug 30
The strangest of things can save you when your mind takes its metrical dive,
Thank the lord for the consoling and tedious frequency of next door's vacuum cleaner,
And the birds have been calling to my soul these days, and forget-me-nots keep me alive,
The dandelion seeds fly on wind these days,
I am saved by their graceful demeanour.
Debbie Lydon Mar 25
Dearest divine distance, I pray, be more familiar,
Be kinder, be closer, I can't yet make out your figure,
Omniscient darling distance, could you beckon me to you?
Desperately I've called out in the dark, be nearer that I may be new.
Debbie Lydon Feb 28
My mind, yes, it stayed afloat, when my ears knew the buoyancy of birdsong in spring,
My heart, no, it was never thus remote, when my eyes would loiter in lyrical landscapes and time did tolerate my wandering.

Despair, it was a burden much lighter to bear, when gilded so gloriously with sunlight's touch,
The air, it was a breathing love affair, when summer's generous joy forbade me to miss you this much.
Debbie Lydon Feb 10
Help me to be unafraid of that armed and brutal introspection, that marches ever closer, advancing, just ahead,
Walk me to the entrance of that terrible twilight, then allow me never again to be led,
Make me the captain of my sorrow and yearning, I am the rightful heir to my own head,
Permit me be bold in my eternal learning, let me sever my loosening inadequacy thread.
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