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jerelii  Jun 2018
Be Your Love
jerelii Jun 2018
To love one’s self
To accept her flaws instead of thinking out why she’s helpless
Know that you are amazing
in you; you can find love
when you treat yourself better
you also treat yourself with the
love and care you deserve
Know that you are stronger
than any storms
and that we all
have different battles that we are facing
in our life everyday
But know that we can get through this
And learn to be mindful with the present
And step by step
begin to be grateful for yourself,
for the air that you breathe, for the food that you eat,
for the people that loves you,
for the nature that nourish
you to flourish.
And be your kind of love
because you do this for yourself
to accept, to love,
and to embrace who you are
because you deserve
the right treatment
to be your own uniqueness.

be your love
give and recieve love from yourself
because we need the right proper care and love
that we also owe to ourselves
because we sometimes forget to do this things from ourselves. Self-love is important
to give to yourself.

be kinder than to feel.

you deserve a treat of love & care
from you <3
Paras Bajaj  Mar 2018
Paras Bajaj Mar 2018
When life knocks you down
and all just turns to dust.
I’d never make you frown
‘cause you always come first.

When your lovers will drown
and you have no one to trust.
I’d always be around
‘cause you always come first.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
i wish you knew,
how fast the time flew,
the fate molds anew,
it hurts that my feelings grew.

i wish you knew,
that i already fell for you,
for i have known that you don't need to take the fault for this,
my heart jumped into a never ending abyss.

i wish you knew,
that i love you,
as if i can do everything just to be with you,
watching the stars and writing this beautiful fantasy.

it's just that i can't say this to you directly,
not because of rejection,
but losing you as my friend i will regret deeply.

it's too late tho,
you'll be away and nothing can i do,
but i'll be missing you
and last word if you are for me, i'll be waiting for you.
but for now, i love you.....
~ as one of my greatest friends and being a part of my life
Paras Bajaj Jan 14
Someone pulled me closer,
when you pushed me away.
When you told me to get lost,
someone asked me to stay.

Tell me what I did wrong?
Tell me what I did right?
One threw me into the dark,
and the other, into the light.

While you counted my flaws,
someone loved me anyway.
While you ruined my nights,
someone saved my day.

Tell me what I did good?
Tell me what I did bad?
One made me the happiest
and the other, only sad.

-Paras Bajaj #PoetrybyParas
Instagram : @mr.parasbajaj
Eni  Oct 2018
As far as today
Eni Oct 2018
I remember when I was a child I disliked reading books , mostly all of them . They all had a specific ending it could be happy or sad and sometimes something in between. Somehow  I knew that I could never read the words writen in my heart by someone elses pen  so unknowingly I started writing. I started writing as what a normal child would have to, when he starts to dream and imagine about all the things that one wants and desires and everything one knows he could be. I started writing in the blank page of life . I wrote my desires my ideals my character my adventures and everything else I thought I needed my life to be about. Pages full of happines, memories , mistakes and terrible regrets. All my darkest desires ,darkest secrets my best and worst qualities. Since I was a child the only thing I didn't give importance was time , time was passing fast right before my eyes into the words I was writing on that blank page . I never stood still to realise that until now .  My life was turning into my worst nightmare filled only with paranoia and fears. I never realised that getting so hooked into what you want life to be and what it actually is would turn my reality upside down and realised I was living in a lie that I was writing . As I was stading alone in the dark yesterday I woke up . The page I started to write since I was a child run out of all empty spaces , I dont know how old I was back than but now I'm 21 and the worst thing is that I realised that I'm one of those humans helplessly stupid and I've wasted so much time rewriting and correcting on that blank page everything that I thought was wrong and now my blank page looked like the messy adventurous confusion I wanted my life to be. Today I woke up and I  had a new page to write on and I've only writed four sentences  the only four sentences I decided to keep as a treasure from my life
as far as today.
To desire is to dream
To dream is to want
to want is to do
And to do is to live.
(Write artfully)
Don't let words of the past scream at you hysterically in  angry crying voice .
Tony Tweedy Mar 24
Life is sure to cost you whilst on the path you choose.
And there will be heartache from things that you will lose.
A greater pain you may encounter, at a far greater cost,
is to no longer see a value in things that once you lost.
You can lose trust in many ways for many things. It can shake foundation and pillar as destructively as any earthquake.
Not entirely happy with the last line..... of or in??
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