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Riley Cartwright Dec 2018
I often worry
about what it is like to
be missed by certain

Then I remember
"How will I pay for college?"
That's more important.
Isn't it?
Hold onto my string
Tug on me, don't let me go
Little balloon full of wishing
That I may stay by your side
Come winds high and low
And when I lose all my bounce
All my air and floaty sense
Take me, tie me down still
Until I fully deflate, by then
Let me be held, never freed
Teach you how to grasp, show me how
much my insignificance matters at least.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Forever In love with
you, all that I did with
you, and all I remember
of you, kept save ln my
heart for you, forever be
true to you, never stop
loving you
Simple verse describing the Importence of love
Michael Ryan Oct 2018
You take pictures of books you'll never read
write words you'll never truly know
and speak ideas taken from people that did.

But it's so common
and you're not the only one doing it
it's a whole spectrum of people
creating nothing
but consuming everything.

They may be just words,
but those words belong to someone
and without the person
they act without purpose--
repeatable, but with no meaning.

So few take what they have
to mold reality into new creations
that eventually the consuming will be consumed.
Leaving only an echo of what used to be
the cacophony of life--
it will become a mass of sounds
unrecognizable to the words we used to know.
If you repeat things long enough they'll lose whatever impact/meaning they had in the first place.  Sometimes you don't need to be clever, instead it's best to be cleverless and just take a risk to invent something new.
Julie Oct 2018
Taking a breath
A short one
Just inhaling a little bit
Of this world

Taking a step
A small one
Just to see
where it would take me
In this world

Taking a look
A quick one
Just to see
the important things
In this world

Taking a BREAK

Just to realize
How grateful I am
For this world
Eni Oct 2018
I remember when I was a child I disliked reading books , mostly all of them . They all had a specific ending it could be happy or sad and sometimes something in between. Somehow  I knew that I could never read the words writen in my heart by someone elses pen  so unknowingly I started writing. I started writing as what a normal child would have to, when he starts to dream and imagine about all the things that one wants and desires and everything one knows he could be. I started writing in the blank page of life . I wrote my desires my ideals my character my adventures and everything else I thought I needed my life to be about. Pages full of happines, memories , mistakes and terrible regrets. All my darkest desires ,darkest secrets my best and worst qualities. Since I was a child the only thing I didn't give importance was time , time was passing fast right before my eyes into the words I was writing on that blank page . I never stood still to realise that until now .  My life was turning into my worst nightmare filled only with paranoia and fears. I never realised that getting so hooked into what you want life to be and what it actually is would turn my reality upside down and realised I was living in a lie that I was writing . As I was stading alone in the dark yesterday I woke up . The page I started to write since I was a child run out of all empty spaces , I dont know how old I was back than but now I'm 21 and the worst thing is that I realised that I'm one of those humans helplessly stupid and I've wasted so much time rewriting and correcting on that blank page everything that I thought was wrong and now my blank page looked like the messy adventurous confusion I wanted my life to be. Today I woke up and I  had a new page to write on and I've only writed four sentences  the only four sentences I decided to keep as a treasure from my life
as far as today.
To desire is to dream
To dream is to want
to want is to do
And to do is to live.
(Write artfully)
Don't let words of the past scream at you hysterically in  angry crying voice .
Rizna M Rameez Aug 2018
Stars shine bright
But wonder,
Death hath their plight.
Those dead stars. Plus, death is inevitable no matter who you are.
Natalie Bowers Aug 2018
Sometimes, I feel like a trinket on the mantelpiece of your life,
a small sentimental reminder,
my significance forgotten.

You search your mind for why you ever picked me up,
with delicate, fumbling fingers,
all those years ago.

And I'm lost in the chasm of your memories,
all you can see now are my scuffed porcelain cheeks,
my chipped shoulder blade.

The wonder is gone;
you cast me away,
as if I had always meant nothing to you.
This title is a work in progress :)
Shireen Jun 2018
I’m not made of skin
and bone,
As most of you may be
My ribs have been replaced
by stems,
Stems that harness
miniature golden flowers
Those of whom tend to mimic
the sun’s rays
And brighten the darkest
of days

These fancied flowers
have replaced my internal organs
Their petals,
my external ones
Through the obscene anatomy
composing my own being
I have come to the realization
Of the unidentified
beauty within,
Beauty, sprawled across my skin
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