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Janna B Jul 31
Not settled near you lately
Mild humming anxiety
Discomfort inside of me,
fearful of your gravity.
Janna B Jul 31
I’m flowing into this
new happy,
so our baggage is
It’s there of course,
but it’s history.
Be there for them,
not for me.
Don’t pull me down
I stay afloat
away from you.
Navigating shared care..
Janna B Jul 7
Snippets of happiness
Full rose heads,
chicken sounds and tickles
grins and giggles
on the trampoline.
Playing shops with you,
cuddling close,
cooking food with heart.
Breathing new life
into me.
Janna B Jul 7
Kernel of
emotional truth.
You’re very
Janna B Apr 20
Hey you
Why are you losing that employment
Argumentative and driving
People away

Hey me
Why am I taking to heart
That I cared
And I was human
And so fallible

Keep learning, keep positive
Keep the belief
and the soul.
Janna B Apr 5
If that was a blast of love
I’d hate to see your hate.

Your blunt, forceful love
comes from fear,
rains in blows,
and leaves me -
smaller, sadder,
reeling for equilibrium.
Just my mum, weighing in due to concerns.
Janna B Mar 15
Trust in you
Trust in me
Trust in we
feels more
achievable today,
accessible today,
A gentle welling
in my empty torso.
This one that felt cavernous,
echoing, hollow.
that vital lifeblood,
this swelling of emotion.
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