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Aa Harvey May 23

There are many doors we all walk through every day;
Be it claw, or snore, or war, or any other reason,
The door is unavoidable and it is always the season.
A never ending end,
Never been a friend;
Never known what to expect next.

All things they continue, but nothing ever lasts.
Newborns are born and one day they will grow up to wear black.
If there was a way to never see Death again,
Would we want to live forever?  Or would we need an end?

There is meaning to life, even if we do not know what it is.
Some say it is to raise kids;
Some say it is to accomplish dreams.
My reasons are the same as many other opinions;
Opinions are ten a penny.
People think they know, but nobody is ever ready.

I agree with you, good guess;
But you cannot know until it is the end,
Of the bitter sweet symphony show.
The show must go on!
Surely this is not the last song?
We need an encore for life;
We need to have hope before we are gone.

(Knock, knock, knock.)

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Cattatonicat May 2
Do tell me, what is the meaning of life?

The meaning of life is to package tuna for the cats

Why tuna?

I like to drink tea with my cats and to feed them tuna
I could feed you some tuna too but you are not my cat
So I choose not to feed you some tuna
I’m not sorry
You can get your own tuna

You are hoarding all the tuna.

The statement is not true
In other words, the statement is false

Why is tuna so important?

The tuna is insignificant
It is only important to you because you keep asking about tuna

Sometimes, I want to die...

To use me as a confessional,
You must build me a temple first

I love you

And I love my cats
I’m not sure if they love me, though
I hope they do

Can you bring back my lost love?

I was told not to practice necromancy
However, I will try in exchange for a sanctuary

What kind of sanctuary?

A sanctuary for lost loves
Ahnaf Apr 7
Dead in bed
mourning my death
in living amongst the living

but I live
and so I keep asking

Where is that sliver of light
that's meant to slip through the shades
and give me that last morsel of hope
to chew on for days and days
until it's mush, but I still gotta chew
because that's all life has to offer

Where is that rush of emotions
that can defibrillate my dying heartbeat
and give me that last reason
to squeeze and squeeze till it's beat
because there is no other way
no other meaning

But I could live in a world with no meaning
devoid of reason
without definitions to cling to

Because there is too much meaning in this world
All your symbols, all your f** standards
make me less of a human,
and there is nothing worse,
there is no way worse
to live in a human's world
Xandra Lynch Dec 2018
I convinced myself one day I could fly
Open my arms and allow the wind to carry me
Soaring through a brisk, warm air
Light-headed and dizzy as I see the earth rotate
From underneath my feet
And I realize the rotations that seemed ambient before
Have all gone away,
And I’ll be just like a bird
Bones hollow, a secret song swallowed away inside them
Free to go wherever I want
Without being looked upon
Surrounded by patches of deep, lovely, singing blue!

And I’ll forget what death means.
Forget blazing, unrelenting, merciless fire
Forget old salts and their adventures, in an honorable grave
In the slow, murky, wet, deep, dark, time-stopping coral grave underground;
I’ll forget muffled screams of dust and grime from six feet under
I forgot the wish
or dream
or ambition
or aspiration
or objective

So when I jump
There was no failing in my legs,
Or in my feeble, ****** heart
Or in my always-moving brain
There was no faltering in my breath
No secret wish for death
Just a quick, hasty JUMP!
Exhilaration and innocence
Frivolous yearning
An evanescence hoped for by many
Because it’s worth it.
All of my life I’ve been known by my name,
And yet as I’ve grown I’ve not been the same.
Hoped my identity would be clearer,
No answer when I look in the mirror—
Who am I?

Born in a world of infinite places,
Encounters with these infinite faces,
My restless spirit seems destined to roam,
Wondering still when I think I’m at home—
Where am I?

Not accidental that I came to be,
But may have missed out on my destiny.
And though I’ve done things of which I am proud,
None of them stop me from asking out loud—
Why am I?

Each moment I age life’s completion nears,
And I regret I might run out of years.
I’m meant for something I need to make so,
But all of this time and I still don’t know—
When will I?
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What does it all mean?
This life we lead
We rise with the sun
We love, we bleed

On a treadmill
Moving day to day
We go through the motions
And act a certain way

We while away the hours
At work, at leisure
We indulge in a few
Earthly pleasures

And the clock ticks on
No respite in sight
What’s it all for?
Why does day turn into night?

A cyclical existence
The huge wheel turns
Some say it’s a challenge
We’re here to learn

We’re born, we die
The interim’s a choice
But fate has a hand
In whether we commiserate or rejoice

I know not what
I incarnated for
But the monotony is palpable
And I crave something more.
Aa Harvey May 2018
I believe.

Let the wind push us forward into the future before us;
Let the rain cool us down as we draw the sun’s rays toward us.
Let the summer stay forever and winter never surround us;
Let us remember the struggles we overcame to let us become us.

Pray the nights are short and the daylight eternal;
Pray the mists evaporate and our rose forever stays faithful.
Pray the moon lights our way and our words remain truthful,
Then we shall all of us become truly immortal
And judgment day shall not befall us.

Kingdoms come and go as the weather changes with the seasons,
So pray let us remember our life's journey
And its meanings and reasons,
For changing is as inevitable as death and life,
So please do not speak ill of the dead with such callous lies.

Open your eyes and minds to new opportunities before us,
For we can have the world in our hands if we are able to trust.
If we can let go of doubt and embrace new beginnings,
We shall all at last be able to grasp our forgotten dreams.

If we believe in something, or we have a need,
We can achieve the impossible and do anything.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
No more

In darkest gloom we wander still.  In a midnight hour we fall.
As the light begins to fade from our eyes, we are breathing still.
In the end, in our darkest hour,
All we can do is fall…

We climb out of the hole and naturally search for the light
And the warmth that engulfs us and breathes into us.
In every dark hour we pray to see the light
And still we search for the reasons that made us become us.

Without this search, mankind would lack a true meaning;
Without a goal, we would remain less than we are.
Throughout our lives we go off in search of new meanings
And as we rise and we fall, we become all that we are.

New experiences rebuild us; our experiences define us.
Still we are searching for what it is that makes us.
What are we to you and what will we become?
What were we to you and what have we as a species become?
In hope we march onwards, wishing to make a change.
In fear we advance no more;
Their steps forward are full of the fear of change.

With age we learn to love and with age our love will grow;
With age we remember more or less and still we continue to grow.
Thoughts without feelings only hurt those we love;
Actions without thoughts will lose us their love.
Through a valley of broken hearts, onward we walk;
When you have walked all over us, will you continue to walk?

In pieces you leave us, shattered into dust;
In time we learn to repair ourselves in rooms covered with dust.
With strength we come back and live our lives once more;
Forward into the future!  Forward once more!

Forever forward into a big bad world;
Onward, forever onward!  We become one with the world.
No longer taken for granted; our lives shape us and refine us.
We morph into what we were meant to be when they gave birth to us.

Mother Earth and Mother, Mom, raise us up from the ground.
When we are lost, they will find us
And teach us how to stand our ground.
Believe in what you believe and fight for your rights;
Because in the darkest of nights, their might will either crush us,
Or make us prove to them that we are right.

With words we can change the world.
What are words without a pen?

In love we let go and give ourselves away;
But when our time has done its ticking, we all fear being taken away.
Desperately we cling to any kind of heart beat that we can keep;
It was ours once, so it shall remain ours always.
This is my life, my castle, my keep.
A man’s thoughts are his own and taken from those he has heard;
We are slow to realise what we have lost, when we let go of love,
Because of what we think we have heard.

Then this life is over and the clock ticks its last tock, one last time.
If I could do anything differently, I would change it all!
And I would still be left begging for more time.

I would remain blind to all the opportunities I had to do things better,
But I would try; I would try!
And I would try once more to make things better.

In the silence we fall, once more to the floor.
In our darkest hour we are lost
And we become no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Tommy Randell Sep 2017
Leave me
On the ice when I can write no more
When the fast flow of my poetry
Slows to an inutility of words

Leave me
In the darkness when my rhymes hang dangling
As a lifetime of dreaming
Fritters out to rambling

Leave me
Homeless in the hedgerows in some final isolation
When the urgency of rhyming
Has reached its abnegation

Leave me
To the long night of empty pages
Staring back at me finally
While the Silence in me rages

Leave me
For my own good I do not want sympathy
When it's stopped I will know it's stopped
The Heart of all I've ever been
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