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Matthew Nov 9
we are the love
we leak
from our eyes
in our pain
our hearts melt
for our amour
to burn us in the heat
of passionate words
flying from our lips
wanting ears
kissed left needing more
to go all the way
the distance between
our grip gripping us
to be submissive
you to my storming mars
thus my candy coated mars
to your molted venus
Seanathon Aug 22
Source, a heartthrob life
Be thought, and alone no more
In my being caught
Tuesday 12 - This one reads like a prior dream. Lol.
Alexis May 31
after a day long enough
that could be mistaken for a week,
I lay my ear to your chest
your heartbeat has to be my
Abhinay Renny Apr 2018
Blazing sun seemed dull
Seeing your bright smile

You smiled. And then was the aura

Stars at height hushed, seeing your bright smiles.

Your smile lit my heart
As the moon lit the sky

You smiled. And then was the aura.
Enticing and enchanting the soul.
Sometimes it seems
like me and her, we
keep missing each other, one
is high while the other is low,
One of us stays, the other goes
and what goes up
must come down.

It is hard to be here,
Being what I am. What am I?
How are you? Let us talk for
awhile. We are friends, don't
give up on lonely chance for
relationship would not be forced, nor should
intimacy be founded upon a thing as fragile
as mental health if we are to have hope. It's
'cause when I talk to you it feels alright to
be alive. I cannot apologize, "I was gonna
die young, now I gotta wait for you, ***."
Line Eighteen and Nineteen from Die Young by Sylvan Esso
Kewayne Wadley Sep 2016
This muscle which I speak
Often spoke but never emphasized
This muscle than often throbs
aches often
Impatiently selfish
Only thinking of itself
This steady throb
Aches on and on
Afraid to sleep in fear of missing the next moment
Realizing that reality is much better than the next
This muscle which I speak
Often spoke but never emphasized
A quiet calm that screams loudly
Unheard because of fear
Being seen as vivid
This bright color that laughs in color
Not afraid to be itself
This muscle which I speak.
Continuously patient
Waiting to be seen
Waiting to be heard
Waiting to be felt
This muscle which I speak
The presence of fascination
Otherwise near
Fast paced
This urgent vulnerability
Being needed
Being felt
From where does this muscle begin to beat it's fastest
The answer is quite simple
This muscle which I speak
Often spoke but never emphasized
Beats it's fastest around you

— The End —