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Luna Maria Jan 14
I wrote a poem
about you
You wouldn't leave my head
and when it was 4am
laying awake
i was drowning in the feeling of
Just as all the love songs
suddenly made sense,
suddenly all the words I wrote
where about you.
I promise this will be
The last words I'll write
about you.
a lovesick poem
Era Dec 2018
You've been on my mind,
Since a very long time.
You've got no clue,
How much I'd loved you.

But then, last night
When I saw you;
I saw you with
Someone new.

You were with her,
Almost all the time.
Oh, I thought
I would lose my mind.

I saw her leanin' on you;
As if you were  h e r  boo.

And slowly as you kissed her,
I unlearned your name;
And now it's all a blur.
My pen could write
for a thousand people

But it never smiles about them
the way it does for you
I hope you're waiting..
Perri Nov 2018
I wish I could describe
with words of the unknown
the quivering of my organs
and the shaking of my bones
from heat of your mouth,
the potentness of your tone
because with every ' I love you'
I feel more at home
The Untold Nov 2018
What about us?
We loved
We made memories
You're gone now

I wished i could bring you back
As i cried my heart out.

The phonecall all that i wanted
My smile wide as our friendship

I prayed you'd never try that again
Your life is priceless
My bestfriend you're the best I've ever had.
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Crystal Sep 2018
What is love?
Accepting a rose but ignoring all the thorns
The thorns that cut deep inside you
That hurt you
But doesnt seem to care

What is love?
Shouting so loud your voice breaks
With tears streaming down your face
Where it feels like your heart is shattering
That if it has a slight tap it'll break

What is love?
Smiling so wide you fear your cheeks will rip
Looking at them with love oozing out your eyes
Wanting to be with them every second
Not wanting them to let them go

What is love?
Appreciating everything they do
Accepting their flaws
Loving them through the **** times
Sticking to the them like glue

What is love?
Without a little hate
Without fighting
Without happiness
Without love.
WHAT IS LOVE? Tell me what love is with the # #whatislove
larissa Sep 2018
maybe you love her
even when you say you don’t
and maybe you miss her
in every way when you’re alone
but tell me why
when you hold me close,
for a second, i believe
you love me the most.
maybe I just want it too much.
Timothy Aug 2018
Love is seeing the entire universe in your honey-colored eyes.
Love is the warm, fuzzy, lingering feeling when your hand brushes mine.
Love is the butterflies I feel in my stomach each time I see you, with your hands on your pockets, a small smirk tugging on your lips.
Love is the soft sound of your breathing when we are engulfed by the silence of the room, reading books, sitting quietly.
Love is everything I needed and more.

Love is you.

Your smiles, your lips, your scent, mixed together make my knees go weak and the world go round.
You are a roller coaster ride.
You make me feel scared, but excited and happy all at the same time.
You are a drug, intoxicating and wonderful and dangerous, yet you make me feel safe and sound.
You make me see things, beautiful things that I have never seen before.
You make me feel every possible emotion that anyone could ever feel.
You are art, beautiful and incomprehensible.
You are a puzzle that needs to be solved, a mystery that needs to be unraveled.
You are everything that my eyes can see, the only one who can make my heart flutter.

You are love.
Love is free falling, like how I am with you. Love is meeting you. Love is the moments that we shared every night, gazing at the stars and wishing for always. Love is you making me feel loved. Love is everything that I feel for you. I am, and will always be in love with you. I love you.
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