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Butterfly Jul 2019
"When we marry I want a huge cake like that."

My heart skipped a beat.
I wanted to kiss her so badly.
I love you
Nina May 2019
But I crave the pain you put me through
Cause if I am bleeding
I know
that u touched me at least
Sounds a bit better in german :)
anna Apr 2019
when I say, “I love you,”
I want to mean it,
because I say plathoric things
that I don’t mean
Psychosa Mar 2019
I never knew
you thought of
as beautiful.

Til the night you played me
your scratched record.

It skipped
it was filled with d is sona nce
It had no consistency
but its consistency of cacophonies.

Others would have
thrown the record away,
unable to bear its e
tic ways.
Others would have said it's Broken.
A disaster.
Too much.


But you ,
you weren't like the others.
You did not want to throw away the scratched record;
you did not even want to take the scratched record to a repair shop,
for you ,
you somehow seemed to find
a harmony in the scratched record.

So you closed your eyes to the endless loop of the scratched record
and said It was the most beautiful song you've ever heard

Because to you,
The most beautiful
are the most broken.
larni Feb 2019
you’ve made me realise that a man
can truely care

and that not everything in love is
truth or dare

i could talk with you until the
end of time

and now, i am able to forever
call you mine
enamoured by u x
Luna Maria Jan 2019
I wrote a poem
about you
You wouldn't leave my head
and when it was 4am
laying awake
i was drowning in the feeling of
Just as all the love songs
suddenly made sense,
suddenly all the words I wrote
where about you.
I promise this will be
The last words I'll write
about you.
a lovesick poem
Era Dec 2018
You've been on my mind,
Since a very long time.
You've got no clue,
How much I'd loved you.

But then, last night
When I saw you;
I saw you with
Someone new.

You were with her,
Almost all the time.
Oh, I thought
I would lose my mind.

I saw her leanin' on you;
As if you were  h e r  boo.

And slowly as you kissed her,
I unlearned your name;
And now it's all a blur.
My pen could write
for a thousand people

But it never smiles about them
the way it does for you
I hope you're waiting..
Perri Nov 2018
I wish I could describe
with words of the unknown
the quivering of my organs
and the shaking of my bones
from heat of your mouth,
the potentness of your tone
because with every ' I love you'
I feel more at home
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