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blue mercury Mar 2017
i don't know how
"i don't feel like crap when i'm with you."
morphed into
"i love you"

but i'm glad it did, and i'm glad
that you said
it back.

you said it back.
man, this is terrifying.
blue mercury Oct 2016
i really do wish you no harm.

i hope you don't get pocket lint on your dum-dum,
because that would be tragic.

i hope the next girl you date doesn't bite.
even though, you deserve a gnarly girl
who can get low down and gritty.

i pray you don't fall going up the stairs
and slide all the freaking way down.
i wouldn't want a concussed friend
now would i?

i cross my fingers and shut my eyes,
wishing you a pretty girl with perfect teeth
and pale skin
and an american accent cuter than mine.
in bar. or no- in a basement.

i would never wish you the worst hangover that
you've ever had
with a headache so bad
you feel like you tried to go out with a bang (literally)
like kurt d. cobain, and survived.
if you aren't an uneducated swine and know who that is.

i hope you never feel heartache like this.
feeling your chest tighten with anvil heavy memories
and sun-kissed, barebacked truth because
you had to let go what you love
and love what you let go.
crying when you see "message me i get bored x"
in their bio on a tuesday night, for the first time in six months.
sorry. this is the only place i could vent. i love you all for putting up with me. x
Cat Fiske Aug 2015
I love you,
thats what you told me,

and I know you didn't mean it like that,
I know what it meant,

and I'm happy,
I'm happy,

I rarely say that,
I didn't think I would,

I blindedly handed you all my trust,
I didn't expect anything good to come out of this,

and I love you too,
the same kind of love,

you love me with,
thank you,
this is old, really old, about when I was first becoming friends with this guy, and I was having problems trusting men at all after the **** that had happened the year prior, and now hes become my best friend and one of the few people I trust,
Jude Jaden Aug 2015
might altering day,

"I miss you.."
and I
"I love you.."
Say It Right From Your Heart
Jude Jaden Aug 2015
A radiant look,
came over, her face, like a
sudden burst, of sunshine,
on a cloudy day, then
smile flashed
over her face, like
sunshine, over a flower,
as I say
"I Love You"
Remus Aug 2014
As the evening
erodes away
into night,
I am put into terror
as I hear the last
few notes of your
favorite song.

I haven't heard it in
It's beautiful actually,
I've forgotten this melody,
but secretly I listened to it
by memory
for weeks on end
after you
left me.

This terror turns into
happiness as I
see you there.
I imagined this
You would be
smiling and happy again.
But no, you are
six feet under the ground now.
Your breathing has ceased,
as well as your love
for me.

And I'm fine with this,
seeing that I have
enough love for the both
of us.
Sarah Pitman May 2014
See the thing is
I could tell you
I love you
In 167 or however many
Different languages.
And I could hope it would suffice.
Or I could whisper it
Against your lips,
Our silhouettes entwined
In the light of an alarm clock
That reads
Remus May 2014
Look at me
I want you to remember
every detail to my quite round face.
I want you to see
the glimmer in my eyes
as I tell you about a song I'm writing.
I want you to study
how your shirt looks on me,
and how tiny it makes me.
I want you to stay,
but if you're going to leave then
remember me.
I need you to remember me even if it kills
you and me.
Remus Apr 2014
I don't remember the first time my love came for you.
All I remember are the times I just wanted to hold you.
When you were the only one that could make me happy.
All I still know is that's still the same.
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