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I was a sinner
And made you my saint

Out of breath and so in love
It surprised me you didn't faint

Your body on top of mine
While outside it rained

For those few delicious, blissfull minutes
All our pain was drained.
A "poem" every day.

(Baby ignore the tags hehe I love u to the moon and back)
Finally, at last.
I thought you'd never leave my mind.
But today, for the first time in 142 days.
I didn't woke up,
Thinking about you.
Surprisingly, I never thought this was love.
Just a stupid remedy,
For a self broken heart.
But dispite the fact I'm not thinking about you.
You still left your fingerprints on my skin.
And your voice in my ears.

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I'm writing a small poem every day, about how I feel or the world around me. This is #4

— The End —