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Somewhatdamaged Feb 2020
All I see is you
Your heart stopping smile
And your never tiring glowing eyes.
All your beautiful etiquettes
And me drowning
In the twisted swirling confusion.
Nothing's clear but seems so real
Eyes shut, Dream on!

But the first thing I see
When my eyes wide open
Are the broken weak efforts
Trying to get off the bed.
I need to but I don't want to
Here I go again,
In the never ending spiral.
I am the mindless freak
The ignorant piece with nothing to feel.
Bhill Jan 2020
Confidence in all of us is attached and frigid
Opportunities will always survive and be there
The burning desire to better ourselves is genuine
Can we really be so ignorant to believe that someone or something can stop us

Brian Hill - 2020 # 31
Go after it!
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
has a way of stirring the ***

It brings out
the best in some

And the worst
in others
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
A truth is a frightening idea
Even when it's worse
It's not what you want to hear
Might as well be a curse

Better to always live in ignorant bliss
Than face problems and die
You never see what's after you
Win safety but it's a lie

Life's better when in blindness
Honesty and reality equal pain
Call me crazy
To the alternative I prefer insane
Still can't get my thoughts penned right
Daisy Ashcroft Nov 2019
The marks on her pen
The wood splinters on her headboard
The stained and bent feathers of her pillow
The cheap stimulants in her drawer
All masked by your ignorance and naivety
Her stilted smiles and loose words.
So don't say that you 'know her'
- I'll hurt you if you do -
And don't say you love her
- We'll **** you if you try.
You don't 'know her'
Or 'love her';
For God's sake you can't even see her.
Marri Nov 2019
Your chest grows tight,
As your heart shifts to get comfortable in its bed.
It's always been restless,
Beating out of time with the music.
Maybe one day it'll learn.
Maybe one day it'll know its place,
Under the thick protective armour of ribs,
Muscle, fat, tissue, and skin.

When even tucked away, where the naked eye can't see, it's not safe there.
It'll never be safe,
The heart is fragile.
Delicate, even.
The heart is alone.

Your chest feels tight.
Maybe it's your heart shuffling to find the right rhythm again.
It's always felt offbeat,
But you didn't know better.

The heart is ignorant;
But ignorance is bliss.


The heart doesn't know any better.
All the heart wants to do is to come out, but
The heart doesn't know how hard red stains are to get out of shirt sleeves.
Or how messy tears are when they fall,
Or how hard it is to convince yourself that life is worth living.

Please, Heart.
Stay protected in your brittle cage.
The world is cruel, and cold.
The world is pain,
And it is not for the faint of heart.
Nina Aug 2019
Don't close your heart
because of your Eyes.
Believe me,
you won't even find love
if you're just gonna rely on the ideal person you want.
Beauty doesnt last forever.
Stop being ignorant
Keiri Aug 2019
Oh shut up! Said the horror of the community that preferred to shut the voices they feared. Stop speaking nonsense for the nonsense was not mine.

Don't you tell lies said the people that preferred to walk around with blindfolds. Speak no more said the only person that you finally got to listen to you.

I've lost it all.
I am now alone in my forest green.
I can't believe I'm abandoned like this.
If only they'd listen to what I've seen.

The world is round, and Paris lies in France.
But all my words appear to be lies.
I won't give up; I know what I know.
There's a rainbow in my head, and something beyond the skies.

Oh shut up said the sceptic, the idealistic dream that lives of money. We don't need your heathen ideas anymore, for you are cursed to be bound to a burning pole with you and your dreams and ideas. Your visions are not to be told!

Call me when you do need me, I will await you, with my rainbow in my head and something beyond the skies. I will help you get the grass green again.
A little bit of literature combined with poetry to show the world how solutions are handled regarding global warming. It also reflects the feeling I get when people don't believe in me. When I was very young, and no one believed a word I said due to my vast imagination, I wanted to be believed and once said "Paris lies in France" just to see how my family would react. They responded "That's not true" out of habit, then realised what they said. Denied they ever denied Paris like that, ever since. And even of that event, I appear to be a liar.
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