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Yashika Jan 16
I know you love me more than I do
But you don't give me any clue
I know you are bind by duties
which makes you quite choosy....

Love was when you loved and touched me
Love is still there when you left me
Love is from infinite and will remain until eternity
You will be in my heart certainly

Our heart understands each other in silence
You are present even in your absence...
Let the light of love shine
Even in the darkness for lifetime....
Yashika Dec 2020
I just wait and wait
For you oh my mate....
With a hope in my mind
Thinking you would come......

The day when you arrive
Would be best I believe.....
Showers of love you would spread
Making our bond stronger ahead......

I will illuminate myself
With  heart that is full of love.....
And the mind intertwined
With beautiful memories behind.......
Yashika Nov 2020
Friendship blooms when both make an effort
To remain in touch and not to hurt
To console when other is sad
To remain together no matter what the situation is
To accept all flaw and correct
To help without any conditions
To keep giving without any expectation to receive
To pray for the well being for real
To double the will power of each other
To keep each other happy endlessly
To divide all sorrows whenever it takes place
Do not let the friendship fade
It will blossom if properly made.....
friendship is never ending relation if properly
Yashika Oct 2020
When you feel blue
Blow away the cobweb....
Keep saying your mind that the day is away
Tomorrow will be better then today.....

No matter how badly you failed
No matter how deeply you're hurt......
There is always a chance
To go back in the square one....

Always accept the fact
Life is not linear at all....
So stop worrying about what you can't control
Live the life you've dreamed of....
This poem tries to demonstrate ppls sadness and how to overcome it
Yashika Oct 2020
God's love is so beautiful
God's love is so pure
He is the creator and destroyer
And best friend for sure...

He doesn't wants money
He doesn't wants gold
He just ask you to remember him
Till you grow old...

Whatever I am today
Is just because of my lord
My heartfelt gratitude will always remain
For the endless love he poured..

God's love is so beautiful
God's love is so pure
He is the creator and destroyer
And best friend for sure...
god has been friendly and provider of love
Yashika Oct 2020
I wish I had wings
So that I could reach you
As faster as my thoughts do
To just love and hug you...

But my love I know
I wont be accepted anymore
As you have changed
And hate me evenmore....

Just one chance my dear
I want you to offer me
I will do as you say
Whatever the situation be ....

All I need is you my dear
When will you realize?
Meet me soon my dear
Before the time flies...

I know I am not perfect
You know I am wrong
Is it the mistake of my heart?
That pumps only for you....
Yashika Oct 2020
You are in my heart
May be I don't show...
As I don't feel important to
If u can judge, u will definitely know...

I love you a lot..
Will never let you down...
If u break me
I will move away with a frown...

Life has ups and downs
Let's make vows...
We will be together always
If  almighty allows...
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