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Oasis May 2019
I crawled quietly off the day's activity
My head was still banging hard like the hit of a starved lover boy
Coupled with the blessing of downpour upon the earth some hours before

Retiring to my spacious room with nothing but the beauty of a carpet
Upon the supposed protection of my duvet

A merrying sound of some uninvited guests dancing towards my crib
They all beamed so well with a sweet smile on their face

Their chants wasn't victorious as it supposed to be
But a beautiful chants of conspiracy and rebellion
I cannot be a target I murmured under my large cover


I'm hurt

They all drag my flesh among each other
This is unfair
My heart cry for help but my mouth has been muted
It was suppose to be a celebration of whatever
But here they are feasting on my already tiring body

How come you all want to feast but forget your meal at home
I asked one thousand and one times
I hope I will find something within me when the sunrise

Upon this sadness
I laid myself totally for their evil party

© Wale **** 2019
Logan D Jun 2018
Hi, hello, how you doin?
You don't know me, but I'm around
I'm one of the uninvited
Don't be too excited

I'm the one you forgot
The one who is there but isn't
I don't say a lot
I'm present but treated like I'm distant

I'll make you laugh just so you'll like me
But I'll get old and you'll leave
Standing in a crowd like a boring tree
Roots withered, leaves falling

I'm the one who was left at the store by his parents
The kid whose dumped for better friends
Never invited unless being used for a need
There's no one left here to even make amends

Call me a book
Because I've been Left Behind
Rewritten one too many times

Not even the after thought of the after party
Heck, not even at the party
I didn't know there was one

Hope your book club was fun
Your birthday cheerful
Your hang outs cool
Your coffee talks deep

I assume its a blast
I know enough to know you do these things
But I wouldn't know what its like
I'm the uninvited
Simra Sadaf Jun 2018
your negligence
churns my lungs,
you were an uninvited
mess of malevolence,
how does one overcome
such unnerving experience?
Lylock Feb 2018
Keeping a secret is hard
Until it's not.

Until what seemed so uninvited
Becomes a universal truth.

When did it become normal
To hide?
LNI Jan 2018
Never trust an uninvited body
Lulled to sleep by rage songs.
Waiting is desire
Yearning is surrendering
Seema Sep 2017
The spills of red
The smell of dead
Faces turned sad
The scene was bad

A tragic glimpse of war
Bullets rained to pour
Lives just vanished
Many hearts got tore

Here on this ground
My mother gave me life
Now looking around
Bodies slaughtered by knife

Tears of sorrow, clipped my mind
Shattered, my own, I can't find
Wreckage of all kind
Just blooded bodies lined

I've never seen a massive ****
So much of tears and blood spill
The ground has soaked in as its meal
My conscious dead, I have no feel

I am already sick, seeing this sight
A revenge of one, took on a plight
An uninvited surprised fight
When all were asleep at night

I think I'll just stop and gaze
Till my eyes close in the blaze
A set fire to burn the maze
I walked in, when the flames raised...**

Poetic T May 2015
Rain, rain go away  I,ve had enough of
You today, you met your friends near
The river bank and thought it would be
Fun to come up and give me a wave.
As you fell and friends did follow, you
Invited yourselves in through my door.
As more did follow, a house party of
Wetness invited, once dry objects now
Soaked, ruined by the unclean that pushed
Their way though my letter box.

Not even knocking to ask to come into
My home, drenching my settee and my phone.
Rain, rain has come to stay, ruined my
Things now being thrown away.
I don,t mind a drip a sprinkle or down
Pour, but I don't think you again should
Come knocking at my door.
Joseph Schneider Oct 2014
It was half past noon as Professor Lynch came barreling into the drive way in his hunt for the unknown. His actions so urgent he forgets to even close his car door. He sprints up his steps and swings the door open to his house and there it was.

Why was he is such a hurry? Well this goes back a little over a week prior when he had some guests over for the first time since he bought his new home. It was the day after he had finally unpacked the last box. This was a gathering to celebrate his new job as a History Professor at the University of California and his beautiful new home. The gathering was going as planned till he heard a strange noise coming from the basement.

The guests didn't hear this noise and continued having a great time as Lynch went downstairs to check it out. As he opened the back door he heard some things fall over as if an animal had skirmished to the noise of the door. As he continued down the stairs after this so called animal his heart about hit his stomach. He has a small door in his basement he figured was used for child’s play made by the family before him. So in his unpacking process he had left it alone. Well he could of sworn he seen the door **** to it turn. Too afraid to check it out on his own he ran upstairs. Trying not to embarrass himself he quickly ran up the stairs into the main room and continued the gathering as if nothing had happened.

Once the guests left he found himself sitting in his living room saying to himself “it was nothing, you’re just seeing things.” He talked himself into believing this because he hadn't slept much in a few days with all the unpacking trying to get ready for the new week. So he finally decided to go to bed and get some rest. It wasn't for another week till he had started to notice some strange occurrences. He came home from work that day and noticed his refrigerator was left open. Lynch however was uncertain on if it was him who left it open so he shrugged it off.

Another day had passed and again he came home from work and his refrigerator was open again. This now struck an uneasy feeling; he had made sure he closed it before work today. As he continued through his house with caution he had seen nothing unusual nor seen anything more out of place until he walked by the basement. He once again heard this skirmishing sound of what seemed like an animal trying to escape the basement. As he entered the basement the sound stopped. He was frightened but hadn't been threatened in any way, so he continued throughout his day although not in ease. He was uneasy about this happening a second time so he decided to come home early from work and see if he could catch whatever it was in action.

So at work the next day as he planned he left work early, about half past noon. “Professor Lynch came barreling into the drive way in his hunt for the unknown. His actions so urgent he forgets to even close his car door. He sprints up his steps and swings the door open to his house and there it was.” This was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Something so frightening, so terrifying his jaw hit the floor. Before Lynch could speak a word, he was snatched and drug into the basement through the little door he thought was used for “child’s play.”

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
P Grace Thompson Oct 2014
Just read me. go on
Read me ******!
Like my journal. which you took
As if it were some book!
Tore my soul down,
from my secret shelf.
I found it! where you left it.
Spine cracked and pages missing.
Forced to. reveal myself.
So go on! theif go on....
Read me!
To the ever watchful thought police....

— The End —