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Abagail Marie Dec 2016
I will never try to convince you to love me
I will never climb mountains for you to see me
I won't waste effort on someone who
Will never match effort for me

You will never find someone who loves you
How I could have loved you so deeply
You will never find someone who cares
As much as I could have for you

Every day I walk alone I'll be stronger
Every time I walk alone I will see
Every day I walk alone it'll be worth it
Because I'm not with the one who's not meant for me

I'd much rather be here alone
Than with someone who doesn't deserve my company
Elisa Holly May 2015
My life packed in boxes
reminds me how easily
I can be picked up, stored, forgotten;
How simple it is to disappear,
run away, or
even be someone completely different
with all the **** hidden
in some room.

When I arrive at my new destination,
I unpack.
Sifting through all the brown squares
and trash bags
for everything I want to keep in my new home, a symbol of the things I want to keep
for my new life.

I look around
after hours of intense concentration
and debate
on how keeping an extra set of Tupperware
will clutter my life
only for it to settle in
that I am

It's invigorating.
My home. My mess. My life.
I was owning this moment,
letting my ego relish in the small 700sqft space.
I am
breathing in and enjoying the freedom
of being exactly who I am
right now.
Being alone never felt less lonely.
Winter Silk Jul 2014
Physics:                                                         ­      Love:
        It's not the fall that kills                          It's not falling in love that kills
             The fall is actually                                          The fall is actually
                 exhilarating                                                     ­    thrilling
                 invigorating                                                     ­ intoxicating  
                 breathtaking                                                     ­  vitalizing
         it's when you've finally                                    it's when you've finally
               hit the ground                                                  reached the end
                that kills you                                                     that kills you.
if there's one thing I've learned from physics that can be poetic...
Silent Thoughts Jul 2014
Your kiss is invigorating
Strong like a numbing wave crashing overhead
Followed by the beating sun grazing my tingling skin
A perfect moment
Something I could linger in

— The End —