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neth jones Apr 6
belly growling
go    c a n n i b a l i s t i c
on   victims     of   my   appetite
people flee me with their tidy routine
t r a u m a t i c a l l y    busted up
meat flowers    devoured
my glutton grows
rictameter style
neth jones Mar 7
fast paced
negative      space-
-invades     our  idle  play-
-of kingdom enraged and boredom-
-engaged   transitional   teenage   tup-dut-
-fertile   breeding   and   recoding-
-embers of prior thieves
an inflamed race
fast paced
rictameter inspired
ms reluctance Apr 2020
Can’t move
Three, two, one, go!
Open your eyes. No. No.
It’s not real. OPEN YOUR EYES NOW!
Eyes, not yours, watching; hands, not yours, reaching.
Who… what is that at the window?
A dream? But you’re awake,
paralysed, still
can’t move.
NaPoWriMo Day 5
Poetry form: Rictameter
ms reluctance Apr 2019
I plan to be
properly productive –
not let time get away from me.
But it’s half past eight. I’ll begin at nine.
Now it’s nine-twelve. I’ll start at ten…
…And that’s how, somehow, I
got nothing done
NaPoWriMo Day 12
Poetry form: Rictameter
M Rose Nov 2017
one day
the holidays
will hurt a little less
as time halves and halves and halves until
i can't remember your name anymore.
in time i'll learn to be present
with the ones who wait to
love me, soft and
i'm not going home for thanksgiving out of sheer stubbornness and the idea of facing my family after this, a harrowing year, sounds too hard. I'm also really sick, but that feels like a bratty excuse to use. I'm trying to convince myself that I can always try again for Christmas or even next year, but there's a nagging, quiet voice in the back of my head...

lavender eyes
behind a slight disguise
I feel the pulse with quickened gait
spell bound I stare into a certain fate
spirit image and magic call
into those eyes I do fall
lavender eyes

Big brown
beautiful eyes
bewitching brazen eyes
I glance then gaze they hypnotize
her tawny ****** ***** bedroom eyes
they tantalize they mesmerize
sultry sweet smiling eyes
beautiful eyes
Big brown

baby blue eyes
open wide to see inside
pulsing like ocean’s crystal tides
bottomless pools like Caribbean cove
hypnotized I fall deep in love
swimming in her soulful
baby blue eyes

triple rhyming Rictameters
WanderLust Oct 2014
Be brave
You already are
Look what you survived through
The wounds of your past have closed
The seemingly endless chapter ended
The dark bruises faded lightly
The battle left you scarred
And your still here
Be brave
Olivia Frederick Oct 2014
I'm growing old.
God don't plant in straight rows,
And weeds won't hear my temperate pleas.
But harvest comes, wailing like a freight train.
I thrive in the ghost town I built.
Regret crowds the crosswalks.
I wait for you.
Ralph Albors Jul 2014
You who repaired
Everything wrong with me
And held me when I was in need:
You deserve so much more than you're given,
Considering your august deeds.
But nobody conceives
What you truly are,
This rictameter is dedicated to any person whose positive acts and deeds are often overlooked by others. You are important.

— The End —