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annh May 21
Buttered parcels filled,
With rose hips and cinnamon;
Heartache’s antidote.

‘Only the pan knows
how the boiling soup feels.’
- Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate
Jace Joseph Mar 29
Pushed over your boiling point, when the water finally hurts the ones you love.
When your fight or flight holds you at knifepoint, trailing you along with a push and a shove.
What is your response to such a statement, surely you still have your morals.
Is your humanity also in need of a reinstatement.
I never thought I'd see the fall of Humanity, as my thoughts step warily on syllables.
Scared to cause a sound, I need to remain not found.
Because any man is far scarier after the fall of humanity.
Amanda Jan 12
I am trying to write happy poems
To smile once more
Dull ache in my stomach
Trying to ignore

Try and try to be stronger
My chin up high
Living in the present
Let it pass me by

Trying to focus on the good
Instead dwelling on the bad
Start making new memories
Missing old ones had

Try not to complain much
To stifle tears
Embrace what is in front of me
These are my best years

I am so sick of wasting my life
Chasing goals impossible to attain
Stop throwing my health and money away
Learned down a bottomless drain

I have been alive for two dozen rotations
Around the boiling sun
I die a little bit every day
Decomposing each one
Keyword: TRYING
Grace Haak Dec 2019
nostrils flared
can't believe I ever cared
fists clenched
drenched in rage
now on a completely new page
I erupt
but those around
remind me that I am
just a sparkler
not a fire
and so my anger must retire
good riddance
I'll be dancing
dressed in silver
matching the stars
annh May 2019
I may never reach boiling point but at least I'm steaming.
‘Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today.’
- Tim Fargo
Sonya Jul 2019
Rage likes to bubble
Right at the surface
Boiling my heart
Destroying all purpose

“No one wants to hear your broken drivel”
Repeated by the people
“Hey talk to us if your heart should shrivel”
******* hypocrites.

Soaking my body in sugar
Dripping long after due to the fire
Sealing my words away
Throwing my feelings onto the pyre

“Keep moving through all your pains and aches”
Repeated by the people
“You should stop if you start to break”
I want humanity to die.

Though nothing’s truly wrong
I’m clawing at my wrists
Though my life is “great”
The hell creature persists

“You need to speak to someone”
Then they point at the devil
“Why out of all these words you say none?”
******* I’m done.
Äŧül Jun 2019
Kindly avoid going to any hill station,
While planning so, bear some hesitation.

You are so very hot,
But the hills are not.

What if you go there when,
All that area starts boiling then.
My HP Poem #1745
©Atul Kaushal
Jo Swan Nov 2018
I stare at the Kettle:
Reflection of your vile face.
Has left me in aghast!
Oh, how I wish to erase
Flashback of grotesque past.
Heart seared by the venom
Of disturbing memories
Caused by antagonism.
This rage can’t be appease
Mind becomes murderous.

The Kettle begins to hiss:
The soul simmers with wrath-
Insanely dangerous,
Hungry for a blood bath!
Oh, I wish for a knife
And stab you many times
As you left me in strife
From your abusive crimes.
Wounded me as a child
And left me powerless.

Boiling Kettle rattles:
My madness is wild
Have I lost my saneness?
Many years I’ve been irate-
Tolerating in silence-
Blood boils with sinful hate!
My spirit seeks the thrill
For an eye for an eye-
As it lust for your ****
And to see you die!

Gas sparks, Kitchen ignites:
Body burnt into ashes-
Soul seethes in resentment.
Revenge sweetly slashes
You to my contentment.
Hands stained with red blood
Like trenches of war mud.
Eyes consumed and blind -
Peace of heart now confined
By rapacious rage.

Mind is a Murderer!
Am I a Murderer!
Will I ever surrender?
Will I ever surrender
And taste tranquility?
Or is my spirit cursed?
Or is my spirit cursed
To be trapped by the thirst
Of the boiling kettle
That will never settle
Until vengeance scorches!

(c)Jo Swan 2018
I wanted to explore the darkness of human nature. Recently, I had an incident at work where I saw a man who was consumed rage. I wanted to explore the darkness of his mind. There are moments in some people's lives where we are consumed with rage that we will lust for vengeance.
Life on LSD Oct 2018
“it’s boiling”

I stopped telling people because
I realised that trying to explain
myself changed the way they
look at me

it transformed in more of an
empty look but somehow not
completely blank

“I started noticing a look of
impatient pity mixed with a hint of
condescension hidden in between
those lines around those eyes”

Maybe it’s because of the deep
red marks on my skin this time
maybe they saw them

“I tried scratching them out the
other day, it almost drove me insane”


I know what it looks like,
and I know what that look means

but i’m not believe me
i’m really not.

“I don’t think they really can
understand, you know”

So tell me then,

how do I make them believe that I
can feel the words crawling under
my skin?

"And no matter what I try, they just
won’t come out?"

how do I make them believe that  
it’s boiling under my skin and I  
don’t know why?

"That the words literaly make my
whole body tremble?"

but i’m still unable to say what is
screaming inside so loud?
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