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have me slipping
                falling madly in love
and you made this happen
just had to smile
                    look at me
                    tell me you see me  
but i cant get a grip on reality
i cant figure out what im even feeling
im freaking out
      losing touch
and it was all because of you
                         because all you had to do was look
                         because you wanted me
i knew it was all downhill from here and there
so dont trip
              catch any more feelings
love never came easy for us
                                      for any of us
say goodbye but come back after midnight
maybe ill change my mind
just for you
just for me
just for love
sorry i think i feel in love
and im having
trouble breathing

staying up later than usual
listening to music louder than usual
trying to drown out my thoughts
trying to tire myself out
you are stuck in my head
im running circles trying to keep up with you
you drive me crazy
you drive me to the end of my sanity
i think about you all the time
all 365 days
all 24 hours in a day
even when im sleeping you're in my dreams
i would cry only a tear for you though
because the distance is too far
and honestly im trying just to focus
honestly, im just trying to forget you
even when you're not here im thinking about you
because the distance doesnt matter
youve never needed a reason
youve never needed anyone
you keep me up later than i wanna be
you keep me turning up the volume
i want to drown you out of my thoughts
i want to tire myself out to forget you
forget all of us
tell me something i dont know
tell me something to change my mind
because were so busy talking about us
its all i see now
i'm sorry
i'm too forward
but you've crossed the line too

Sunshine Feb 14
she said

where have you been?

I said

that's a secret

she said

you seem to have a lot of those

so what about you?
pretty little gems
secrets are.

Sunshine Feb 11
feeling the sunrise pour over me like gold
dancing on the walls and shattering through the glass
all I ever wanted to do is hold you
but I keep missing you and you slip through my fingers
and I cry diamonds for you
kaleidoscope of emotions in a rainbow spectrum
that's how I feel about you
so stop running away and let me tell you it's okay
the world trying to drain us of our life
hooking our brains up to futuristic machines
reading our fortunes and dissolving our humanity
but all I ever wanted to do is hold you
I keep missing you and you always slip past me
I wanna sit and be painted in the sunrise
the shadow of your arms around me
holding me down when my imagination gets the best of me
but you're still never here
burn down the rollercoaster I keep feeling for you
get up and paint my own sunrise
one where you're still here beside me
im not crying
i dont want to cry
im just trying to figure you out

Sunshine Feb 6

a requiem for my broken heart:

he was looking at me with those eyes of glass
I could feel my tears on my arms
cold and crisp
I left all the windows open
I left all the windows to my soul open
the storm hit harder than I knew
waves crashing against my bones
wish I could pretend all of this was a lie
paint the walls with black
hide behinds the curtains
we were caught in the middle
they were all in the middle of chaos
dancing gracefully as I pulled their fates
I could feel his tears on my arms
like a kiss of frostbite
he had me
drowning in an ocean made of diamonds
I left him
drowning in an ocean made of me
but we were miles away in our minds
he never stopped looking at me with those eyes
and I can still feel his tears on my arm
Sunshine Feb 3
you caught me at a bad time
eyes locked like a bullseye
I could feel your lips on my neck
like a disease without a cure
I let you infect my heart
until nothing was left and we were chained together
you knew this would never work
young, dumb and in love forever
you couldn't keep up with my schedule
I couldn't figure out you
so we fought in the kitchen over other people's messes
so we yelled in the car over the music blasting
our turbulent world came crashing
and like a well-rehearsed symphony
left you struggling with an ending
left you standing the rain while I turned away
Sunshine Jan 27
starting at me with those eyes
from the across the room
empty souls crossing in between our gazes
I know how badly you want to hold me
I know how badly I want to end up with you
the music so loud I feel my heartbeat
voices carry but yours stands out
I'm sipping back this bottle
suppressing all these feelings
but you keep looking at me
but you keep your hands on my waist
and I don't know why I find myself here
standing still in the warmth of this room
where the lights flicker
where you keep your lips close to mine
sometimes its better with the lights off
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