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ran into the wrong dude in the wrong situation

was gonna call you up but you weren't answering

so now I'm in the back of an uber with the lies you told me
get drunk
get wild
break my heart

when you're feeling better
when the scars have healed
let me know
when I should turn around
when things look brighter
tell me so
when you're done cheating
when the lies about her stop
say it to me
when the bullsh*t is over
when you wanna tell me the story
I'll be over here
when that times come
when we're finally back in reality
that's when we can finally be
honest with ourselves
going through
a lot more than
i usually do rn

Sunshine Sep 20
do you know that moment when your heart is sitting in your throat

when your stomach is doing backflips and your breath is shallow

because you know he's hiding something and you know it's there
you're scaring me
you're making me
so ******* nervous

Sunshine Sep 19
here we are
reading over other people's
wondering if it
ever gets any better
for us
this is it
the final word
black and red

Sunshine Sep 19
with the way you were sitting there in

the moody lighting of that sunken bar

I could have sworn I felt cupid smack me in the face

and in a moment your lips were on mine
it happened back
then and it will
happen again

Sunshine Sep 16
i've never had anyone kiss me the way you did

i've never fallen in love and fallen asleep

but you're one in a million and i wanna stay a while
but you just
had to look at me
and i'm falling

Sunshine Sep 13
it creeps up like black water lapping at my ankles

when the salty air runs its thin fingers over my shoulders

and I turn to find myself in the midst of the heavens

touching earth, breathlessly taking me down without a word
its early
i'm awake
without you

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