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little Sep 5
Secluded by thoughts,
Eroding in an unattainable view.
Valuable growth suspended,
Pending measurable silence.

Seduced by complacence,
Whispering **** and fabrication.
Hallowed goals without rhythm,
Surrounding fragments of the order.

Faded by the creator's own ignorance,
Deflecting the self from truth.
Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016
We have the look of another place.
The rain forest dries to deepest desert
where meat is on special.

Politeness grips my hand
in a firm shake.
Peter Balkus Aug 2016
It's just a vow, just a handshake, a kiss,
it's just a signature, a promise,
that's it.

Don't take it too seriously, please.
It's just a word, an act of politenesss, correctness,
matter of good manners, a favour.
Don't get hyped, it's nothing groundbreaking,
nothing major.

It's just a vow, a handshake, a kiss.
A signature, a promise, good will,
that's it.
MJ May 2016
You're right.
The world's not black anymore.
But it's still looking grey.

It isn't night anymore.
But it surely isn't day.

The world isn't upside down anymore.
But I'm still not looking straight.

The door isn't locked up tight anymore.
But it's still a locked up gate.

I might not be standing still anymore,
But I'm still not ready to run.

My finger isn't on the trigger anymore.
But I haven't put down my gun.

You may not see me cry anymore.
But you still don't see me grin.

No, I'm not shutting you out anymore.
But I'm still not letting you in.

I'm shaking hands with the darkness.
And I'm shaking hands with the light.

But I can't let go of either,
Or they'll see each other and fight.

Don't assume that
Because I don't sink anymore,
That I must be flying.

Just because I'm not dead anymore,
Doesn't mean that I'm not dying.
SassyJ Apr 2016
Chaos is brewed and entwined in my psyche
For when I restrain it,I fail to be free
For when you suffocates it, I die solely
I offered my compartments, the evil, the good
I offered my solace,goodness and madness
All uncensored on the bitter sweet console
But it tainted your soul, made you ooze blood
Thanks for your extended handshake of peace
I gently received it as it sailed through my ails
GaryL Mar 2016
I have tried too many times
reaching out my hand with no kind returns
pulling back my hand to find
just broken fingers, scars, and burns
Josh Bass Oct 2014
They are everywhere
Came to the party uninvited
and stayed well past "?"
I caught one, my last night
in Florida
It didn't want to let go
An ornament on my finger
I said
"Nice to meet you."

— The End —