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R Daniel Apr 2015
You caught my eye
A guy of my dreams or wishes
It's funny how things seemed so different...
What I thought was a ****** encounter
Turned out to be affection and laughter
The smile on your face and those big brown eyes
You're like a teddy bear in disguise
I wish I could be with you
Lay my head on your chest
But dreams can never come true
Maybe you would be my best
And I thought you were someone new
We even joked about something borrowed, something blue
But sadly, your kindness turned into lies
Your lies into the truth
I wish you would've been honest with me
And told me I wasn't for you...
R Daniel Dec 2014
Around this time of the year,
when the moon rises with the sun,
when I pretend that my breath is a cloud of smoke,
when fewer and fewer people leave their homes...
Around this time is when violence ends and forgiveness begins,
when people stand up for what they believe in,
when people speak their minds...
Around this time, I surround myself with the kindest people,
to fill the loneliness of my heart,
when I ponder and ponder,
how I became me,
and why I am where I stand,
I am filled with a myriad of emotions.
sadness. joy. regret. love.
I reminisce about these moments,
so that I may never forget,
that no matter where life takes us,
or what fate we await,
whether it be an adventure or a mission,
to fight for life,
to stop the killings...
And as we stand in the eye of the storm,
I remind myself,
that our life is an unbreakable force that pulls us together.
even during these darkest times,
I know that the light is just at the end of this tunnel.
R Daniel Nov 2014
Dark skies.
Possibly rain.
Only one thing on my mind remains.
This view
This life
How long before it gets old?
Till it grows mold?
Birds chirping.
I see no sun.
Only a book.
Not filled with words of wisdom
Or lyrics of poetry,
But an itinerary.
A schedule to follow.
A routine.
That's what how I live life.
How morbidly boring.
R Daniel Aug 2014
I can't fall asleep.
I keep thinking about the way you weep.
Crying in front of her grave.
With your hair down, you look just like her.
Letting those tears fall that you tried to save.
2 years since we've met have been a blur.
I think we were meant to meet.
To help each other to beat.
The demons and the monsters that creep.
Inside the crooks of our mind.
Together, we vow to take that leap.
To help each other find.
The life in the sunshine.
The life that we want to call mine.
Stay with me until I bleed.
Promise me this deed.
I never want you to be in front of my grave.
Or writing about the love that you crave.
Because love will always be there for you.
Those who care will always remain true.
When the time comes that I die: laugh, drink, and move on.
Leave my grave, I know you are sad, but don't cry for me, be strong.
My best friend wrote a sad poem about her mom. I wrote this to make her feel better, but it made her cry.
R Daniel Jun 2014
I wish I could sing the pain away.
I wish that hugs and kisses healed wounds.
I wish that shooting stars could grant wishes and erase our scars.
I wish that good things would happen to good people.
I wish that cancer was a crab and not an incurable disease.
I wish a broken heart could be fixed.
I wish we all knew the mysteries of this world.
I wish that life was fair.
I wish wishes came true...
I wish I could be with you.
R Daniel Jun 2014
Those angel eyes, they tell it well.
They speak of how we met in hell.
Your luscious lips, and those **** eyes.
A glimpse of heaven shining through the skies.
My favorite laugh is yours and mine.
After red wine, your cheeks are lovely and divine.
The summer breeze, the pale blue sky.
The day you told me that you loved me,
I almost died.
The golden day, my dearest memory.
When you held my hand and we floated through that field.
We said I do. Our hearts combined.
As the moon shined...
On your angel eyes,
I see them well.
I promise to love you until...
The end.
Inspired by Lana del Rey's new album Ultraviolence
R Daniel Jun 2014
The lights are off. The dark shades me from the world. No one can see me. The light, does it exist? Do I exist? I wish to be invisible, but is it worth it? I want to be loved, to be liked, and most importantly to be missed. I cower under these covers and they are my fort. What I cannot see will not hurt me, but sadly, we do not need eyes to feel pain. We do not need a heart to feel pain. It is natural: a chaos that festers from birth and then kills us.
A chapter from my journal
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