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james nordlund Jun 2020
Living hell escaped with vroom,
until the wheels stopped spinning 'round.

Dodged that bullet, a year too young for Vietnam.
Lived homeless to stop from growing that extra 4,

stop the shot-maker from throwing down,
down, down to the ground, nothing to be found.

Instead of Princeton, Columbia, 2 years minimum wage,
soul ripe for rage, but none could ground,

studies, between heaven, Earth, lost became find,
life's eternal river, Dharma's wheel run.

Spun though, life's circle's stymied spin done,
not a sip of backslider's wine.
Much like the words God, love, etc., hope is bally-hooed so much, yet, if we study it it’s simplicity of life in motion itself.  Does a toddler not have, or have hope?  No, they simply do their best, one foot following the other; especially with caring through to loving parent or rents.  If we choose to make believe we know instead of discerning we have to study anew, begin again, what is that; certainly not hope- no?  In our technocracies sociological programming of us to replace our humanity with exigency, etc., being the norm, we forget each word is a path of study; which serves to evolve us-  off by a millimeter, soon off by a mile.  Of course ‘departmentalization’ of life, out of us, etc.,  as well as all other machinations of convolutionaries, etc..  I know I say it a lot, yet, still, the intellect can't lead, for the life doesn't follow.  When we choose the life must follow our intellect's it's to our life's disadvantage, and, of course our intellect's as well.  "...We(e),...", succeeded to do our best last moment, latest hour and day, that's experiential knowledge that we'll do it again in the next moment, hour, day; call it hope or whatever, yet, it's experience- of the life, not the intellect.  We forget the elements, ‘let a smile be your ambassador’, etc.; luckily trees don’t forget how to be trees, and the importance of that to the world- or, we’d all already be dead from lack of oxygen, etc..  Thanx for all you All do, have a great day   :)   reality
james nordlund Jun 2020
Humanity's call,

being unburdening,

when shoulder's put to it.

Adapting to reality,

a path less traveled

and travailed.
Infathomable in it's dimension.  Heart, like the wind moves, only everything and nothing at all also nowhere as well as everywhere, at once   :)   reality
james nordlund Jun 2020
Instead.  You see, Ebony, ivory supremacies, that head-up the baskin + robbins of
23 flavors of supremacy that the united **** of assassins be, divided, conquered
the education system, working together in perfect harmony, coming up with a long-
term plan as the basis for this conspiracy, Ebony would legitimize white special
schools getting paid for by All, voucherization, by their getting special ones
like ivory has for their special supposed Christian, well off kids, the basis
of it had to be a subtle disinformation prog., 'Kid First', which was really 'My
Kid First', determining Charters, for Ebony, and the corporatizing, privatizing
of the public school system, the wants of the 'chosen' minorities, ebony, ivory,
outweighing the needs of the majority, the current destruction of public educ.
we’ve been unable to stop, followed. That backslided our education system to pre-
Plessey vs. Ferguson supremacy court ruling, to a 'separate but not equal' state.
Now, Ebony, ivory are targeting 'Zero-Tolerance', don't let them prey upon kids,
a lessening of terrorism is all we can do, by a video monitor in every classroom.

Soon they'll have done the same with the environmental, climate crisis movements.  
'Environmental justice' is their panacea this time, which will allow them to get
from environment 1st of the climate crisis movement to 'my environment 1st' of the
supposed left, making sure any and all tax $ that relates only goes to improving
their demographics environments, and not to addressing climate crisis, when Earth
First is the only answer.  As the lock, fix for la machine, the corp. structure,
republican conspiracy, global oligarchy, they enforce, 'might makes right', when
it only might, and always makes wrong, 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts
absolutely'.  Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world”, and "the
root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science".  If you don’t want people to
be cowered you must be, "abhaya, fearlessness, most important for an individual
and a nation".  Don't listen to the the silence is golden crowd, who are taking
it all the way to the bank.  Exercise responsibility, or it's Siamese twin sister
freedom, will wither like an unused muscle as well.  Viva solidaridad, evolucion.
Please be wary, the normal they want to return to, northern malaise, euro-centrism and projections of academia, a blood disease, have always flown in the face of necessity, progress and the need for humanity to even be allowed to exist.  Yet, now with coronaing of everyone going on, that desire for normalcy and return of norms takes on new hues; some very human and even desirable.  That while the purposeful too early opening of the country has already determined that being pandemiced is the new normal for at minimum a year (possibly permanently); until we get a vaccine or more life-saving treatment possibilities.  This has all opened many eyes to the disparaging realities of pre-pandemic America, where the life expectancy of people of color, and more so, the lower-middle-class to poor, were predominantly still only being addressed by their getting the establishment’s projected healthcare for them, eat st and die.  That goes for sociological maladies as well, for e.g., the lower-middle-class to poor suffering oppression from serial murderers masquerading as cops; police brutality tantamount to a incurable birth defect of all poor.  The injustice system and their dictating everybody accused of anything must plead guilty to a lesser charge or face the draconian rage of la machine’s dictating they get little lousy representation in fixed trials that most of the time determine ******* up or false convictions and incarcerations unequal to the reality of the circumstances that took place.  I wish I weren’t diffabled to the point where I can’t be at the front of these demonstrations for real change taking place now; as I had been for decades in the past- yet, still am doing all I can.  Thanx to you and All for doing all you do; have a great day   :)   reality
james nordlund May 2020
Will of life's wind howls, I can only hear it whisper,
"walk on water, your water", rain waves crash as strides
lengthen to break them, one footfall follows another,
meeting Earth first, muddied, still serving abundance.

Finally agua relenting, releases her captive, who walks
on grasses, as trees abound less, pace and mind slows,
Sun seeps through cloud, opening eyes, psyche, wider,
I begin to cross the moat, climb the walls, enter window.

Inner-sanctum breached, stroll brings me to castle's keep,
emotion deep, sunshine on leaf swaying catches sight,
raindrop forming, in love's eye, joy, sadness, falls,
is let go, life's ebb flows, echoing hearts abundant.

A lone tear's story is seldom told, I'll never let it go.
When one's left and right hearts are two, there's not much one can do    :)  
james nordlund May 2020
Torch scorched, bell cracked,

Knell snatched, now uplifted,

Her light, hope, still shines.
Senryu.  Yes, if one doesn't die to the life every moment, then they not only never have lived, but, will not rise from these ashes, more deftly in finality, unto a wondrous plain; it's the plain boss, the plain.  As the phoenix rises from it's ashes, again, the moment is, hence.  That diving free-fall, out on a limb, is a fly on the wall.  Thanx for all you All do; have a good one   :)   reality
james nordlund May 2020
Awakened, illimitable potential, indivisible
as life, you, can stop them and their coronaing
All.  If one doesn't die to the life every moment,
then they not only never have lived, but, will not
rise from those ashes, as a phoenix in flight
dives and dashes up that cross, more deftly
in finality, unto a wondrous plain, it's the plain
boss, the plain.  If you're not taking bullets
you are making them. This Mother's Day, leave no
footprints that followed none, which will echo
on in all ways, always, abolish fossil fuels use,
walk in nature's balance, giving back to her
abundance, each one reach and teach one, to
turn 360 degrees around, back to the evolution
and future, humanity will only have if you do.
The 'big fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't
break it. Vote early, protect, occupy and GOTV,
be well, viva la vida, solidaridad, la evolucion.
Good Mother's Day to All mothers.  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund May 2020
"May we never forget the crippled, wind-beaten trees,
how they, too, bud, green and bloom.  May we, too,
take courage to bloom where (and when) we are planted".

Yes, the Tao has a metaphor for them, 'the useless trees',
twisted, turned down, bowed, not for the saw mill, of no 'use'.
Like my son, screaming ****** ******, after being crushed

By a Roman Catholic imperial, masquerading as a medical worker.
Same as I was, neutered as a newborn, for my father was given
a vision of my birth years before it by Thee, to protect it.

So, two of my older brothers were ****** to death in the crib,
For the psychic terrorism, 'the ****', thought they were me,
a molecule of the cross I bear, bear for Thee, to save Thee.

Were you not born of woman, and must you not protect yourself
as all life on Earth must?  Do the future exterminated quarter
of a million Americans, of which you might be one, not bear

that cross, responsibility to defend themselves, life?  What
must '...We(e),...' do to stop the criminally insane 'opening
of the country' way too early's plan to premeditated ******

the people en masse, to liquidate their assets and ases, as well
as cower the polity into voting more conservative, if not repub,
cowering the country to the global oligarchy's spearhead's, the

repub conspiracy's, agenda of humanity's extinction by the axe?
Do those climate crisis bent, useless trees, "Live To Tell", as I
have to warn you if you're not taking bullets you're making them?

(Thanx to Mohatma Gandhi's, BR. DAVID STEINDL-RAST's,
Madonna's (from her CD and song "Live To Tell")
above quotes and great worx, respectively.)
Technology used to be a tool in man's hand, to make life better, now it's the hand, man the tool, it advances in every way while the family of man devolves day by day.  Do not be a tool of man's extermination to extinction, by cowering to the technocracy's tool of the 'use' of corona virus; be the human, life, by stopping the too early "opening of the country" by ****, stay home, stay social distanced, wear masks and advocate, please?  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
Escalating conning of our Ship of State by the S.S. Tea Party tug into
Plymouth' Rocks is projected to be invisible, non-existent and normal, but
Gandhi taught "the root of all oppression lies in (supposed) science", also,
normalcy, I never suffered or suffered from northern malaise, euro-centrism,
nor academia, a blood disease.  The direct linx between the purposeful non-
prevention and denial of smoking cigarettes distributing cancer, mass-death,
economic destruction (dictating subjugation to and replication of the medical
industrial complex, the con), climate crisis denial and Covid-19 pandemic
denial doing the same, can't be over emphasized.  The supposed sciences'
non-renewable fuel nexus', self-possessed/avarice pyramid scam, of imperial,
patriarchal, colonial, global oligarchic supposed power, run and ruled by
the bi-polar axi of global supposed power, cold war called West vs. East,
**** of Utin's headed, republican, capitalist not-see one (who are also
totalitarian, materialists) and Utin of ****'s ... headed, communist,
socialist totalitarian two (who are also not-see, materialists), a false
duality/dichotomy (there's also no 'sides', a delusional construct) ...
Work in progress; 1 st stanza   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
Sitting on this moonlit night,

Not able to forget when we,

At our height,

Were one then three,

Two hearts overflowed with love,

Being with you I knew was meant to be,

Nothing could separate us,

Or compare to Thee.
They say "love's a many splendid things", what they don't say is that the people you'll love aren't.  Thanx for all you All do and don't.  Have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
...Struggling to strive,

Striving to thrive, thriving to

Be alival, not survival, do.
Please thank all the healthcare professionals you know?  'The big
fix' is in, if it ain't fixed don't break it.  
Social distance, wear masks, protect and GOTV,
viva la vida, viva la evolucion.  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have a great morning   :)   reality
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