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"Let your name alphabets loose 
to mingle with mine!’, Will you?
Ms Alexa to Mr Siri

Excerpt from the book Feelings Coated
han Jan 2019
I'm not sure
if we have souls
or if its a metaphor
of our essence
either way
I want mine
to mingle with yours
new year, new poem
Poetic T May 2018
Poetry isn't exclamation marks
            or full stops.
            its the words that's pour on
the page and mingle with emotion.

We all verbalize our words in ways
            that aren't to others contemplation
but the synergy of words doesn't need
            anything but the emotion of words.
King eLeNI Dec 2017
The bliss of solitude I understand it at last
My heart with pleasure fills
To mingle with the universe and feel
The life I have is all I have
And I will contribute a verse.
I want to stay at home and sleep in
But I want to have some time to mingle as I'm single
And mingle into something new and refreshing
Diving into a new part I never knew I had
A new home
I wonder who will bring that out of me
Neda Zeidieh Oct 2014
When you walk by, my stomach tingles
My cheeks blush and turn soft pink
With you all day i'd like to mingle
But with you all day i can not interlink
Maybe one day your heart will jingle
And maybe, just maybe about me you'll think!
Girls and crushes :)
Elfor ECH Jul 2013
Our tears touch-
They mingle
And smear together,
Becoming one;

Tiny vials of our soul-
In the form of tears,
Each half empty,
Until they meet as one.

Our lips kiss,
Sparks fly,
To and from, joining,
Becoming one.

Our souls leap
To meet each other,
To send sparks,
To announce the union.

Tears we cry,
Kisses we give,
All are glimpses
Of our souls,

Finally meeting ever so
Slowly but surely
They mingle
And caress.

Yours and mine,
That have searched
For each other
For all time.

Let the tears flow,
Let the kisses rain,
For you have found me
And I have found you.

For our tears mingle,
Our kisses send sparks;
They speak to the heart:
You and I are Soulmates.

— The End —