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ScaryGary Oct 2021
in the eyes of a reflection
shattered by things that are unseen
eyes aren't polarized to see beyond other eyes

shining water looks up at me
I see myself and beyond the surface
aquatic life isn't hiding behind other guise?

in the glass of the shattering
I see myself as that broken image
a war was fought. but no war was won

shining sky looks down on me
you handed me a broken mirror
then you said "look what he has done"
Based on new biology, and the fact that environment causes sickness. The things we say and do were downloaded by us from our environment and what we saw and heard in the first 7 years or so...some good proof is language...a child can learn three languages at once, at the age of three, and an adult has trouble learning one new language...meditation can escape the bad stuff by bringing true consciousness...10,000 signals a second, the brain can send, but some of us have some bad ideas(signals) interfering...i am willing to help anyone i can, but you must be willing to admit that you know nothing, as i did...once you realize that you know nothing, it opens up a beautiful world, as seen through a child's eyes, and makes learning easy again
ScaryGary Oct 2021
we would starve for each other
giving up our last piece of bread
we've given up on loving vows
we are together until we're dead

we take on the other's struggle
in this game of pretend
the reasoning isn't subtle
to be there until the end

you are my final dream
to be together, swallow pride
we are our last hope
we are each other's suicide
Does the phrase really make any sense in any way? Maybe the way we say things really does have bearing on life. Yup
ScaryGary Oct 2021
The Skipper -

welcome aboard The Lady Mother Earth

if this ship sinks, it will probably take a while


some may still have to walk the plank
after sinking

lifejackets are available on the starboard and port sides

when looking toward the bow
the left-hand side is the port side
the right-hand side is the starboard side

sometimes you may have to switch sides to keep her from rolling
we do not want this lady to roll!

first, it will tilt to one end or the other

the bow is the front end of the ship
the stern is the rear end of the ship

the stern will probably go down first

you all will probably run to the bow, in that case
sometimes this can cause a teeter totter effect
sometimes that effect may keep us afloat for a while
sometimes not

although this ship was built
by the finest ship builders ever
the stern has less mass, but more density

we will have no time for physics lessons, if it starts sinking
deckhands, cooks, and even gilligan, must work together


I will surely go down with the ship, if she goes down...

for now, let's just try to sail on, and not think about it
let's think of charting the best course
Don't look too deeply, i'm not on the left or right...i am in the middle...keel and hull...and i'm no sailor
ScaryGary Oct 2021
I know that my type of sarcasm is of the same nature that got Socrates that big glass full of poison hemlock juice, but didn't he also know what it might get him? Maybe he gulped it down happily for a reason.

I truly am sorry if I have ever hurt anyone's feelings. Feelings do heal though, but I fear this modern world never will.
I just feel a need to try in any way I can, not for fame or money, but for the future. Fame and money mean nothing without future.

Do you love the thought of the future, or hate It? What is love and hate?

Do you get it yet?
I feel like my words are coming from some unseen place, and I take no credit
ScaryGary Oct 2021
That every thought had real meaning
and every person could see that meaning
that we were cool shade from a tree
and every tree was made for leaning

that every feeling was a good feeling
and every person could feel that feeling
that everyone had thoughts that heal
and every one was into healing

that every mind was made for cleaning
and every person could do their cleaning
that in every trash pile we would see
and find treasure with such meaning

that every killing was just time killing
and every person could see that killing
that my fulfillment is for you to fulfill
and not just a worthless filling
you feel me? fill me?
ScaryGary Oct 2021
Half full, half empty...

we both see the glass, the liquid, the space?

you see half a picture, i see the WHOLE

BOOM! Just topped us both, and topped off my glass. At least yours is half full and not half empty. Convenience!

Get it yet Fido?
Killed another one of your friends, right before your blind eyes. Can you do anything but sit, and roll over?

I never looked at poetry as something you win, but it looks like i am in the lead. Do you really have a muse? She is an airhead. Sometimes i wonder if you even have a muse. Nice glass you fools live in
ScaryGary Oct 2021
We don't always get what we want

but we will always get what we don't want

by accepting that there's things we don't want, and leaving it alone, in case someone else wants it
we will always get what we want

We will also give by letting be

and everyone will always get what they want

don't let this get twisted by your ill logic and descending vine
worse than a thief, is someone who steals stuff they can't see
ScaryGary Oct 2021
It's apples and oranges. They are both fruit, and variety is the salt of the earth. We love dividing people like fruit though. We are rotten. At least fruit ferments. We decay

You are the apple of my eye. I will watch you rot, then i will throw the core away. What do I need seeds for? A bad apple in my eye now. *******

Orange you gonna hit like? I accept good apples too.
Tell me more about what a poet should not be...that's all i want to be
ScaryGary Oct 2021
I am shocked that people still say "you reap what you sow". Really? I kind of get the idea they're thinking of sewing eyes shut, while reaping their vision. Then they shapeshift and look like a possum/demon ******. I don't think they were thinking purely. Just to say such a thing would get you killed in iowa, in some farmer communities. Other states too, but i like saying iowa...and ohio. Plus, the relation to sowing and reaping. Ohioiowa Iowaohio! That is fun. Maybe i am so twisted that i used those states so i could say the words. Sung it three times and see if you don't feel like a cross between drew carrey, slipnot, and neil young. Then see if you can make senior citizens believe it's some native words. Ohio and Iowa were named after tribes, but didn't we make the words? And senior citizens made us? So weird. Get it yet dopes? Some of you say dumber things out loud. Like "conspiracy theory" should be locked up for conspiracy to conspire with theory, or maybe "theory of a theatre" Even a plain and simple theorist can make a hypothesis. Do you know what this means? It means that there are more dumb citizens in america than there is illegal aliens. Speaking of aliens, why do you turn green with envy and then turn red when someone alienates you? Is it because they use education to alienate you and you use lack of education for everything? Well education beats you. A **** first grader could come up with theories, and probably spell it too. It's funny for a while, but really if it came down to it...and we could get along without you blaming your inability to communicate on anyone but yourself, who would wear the "i'm with stupid" shirt? It's my shirt, and i've been looking for you, so we could stand next to each other and talk. Can you imagine if i could get a real conspiracy, or theorist to open up and actually know what a thesis is, and be all theory and no conspiracy, we would be famous. I hope you did read this you mental health industry science project. Now, please go somewhere you've never went yet. I suggest school or hell. My bad, but hell keeps getting harder con theorist

company keeps company with who company keeps
do i look like those who don't sow what they reap?
only bleed at home, blood of defeated is for streets
a leech waits in mud for that life that it eats

serving sunday service mud made of human dirt
blurred first by certain pain and imperfect hurt
discomfort in the gospel hotheads stirs pots
personal relationships, demons heat with the hot

friends without sin you cast all of the stones
forget about sin choir join in to crush the bones
trends of the soul you better let your master know
perfect people who never search only reap what we sow
ScaryGary Oct 2021
It's me, TIRED...

To be honest, I am a little burned out. I am an important feeling, as well as an important word.
You want to be me so badly that you even say that you're me
You have done nothing to earn me
I feel so ***** when you use me in those un-natural ways
I will not be your scapegoat that you use to fool other sheep!
Why you wanna be me so badly anyhow?
Is it because of this flat earth thing?
I know you say that you're tired of this and that, it's hard to figure.
Trying to be me just to change me?
Well fyi, i am tired when i wake up, tired when i go to bed...
I am tired at my daughter's word graduation
Yes, I named my daughter Drowsy
Let me catch one of you hair brain's using my daughter, and you'll be sleeping with the fishes.
See, I am the original TIRED...that makes me REAL TIRED
There's plenty in my family
You are going against the FAMILY
I treat you nice, right?
Mess around and you will meet my uncle, DEAD
If you ask him, your only good tired, is DEAD TIRED
We will let the coroner be the judge of what you are then.
It is bad enough what you do to those rubber round things on your car
They did not complain, but just showed a little wear
So, what do you do? You changed their name from RUBBERS to TIRES
Just to rub it in that you put your weight, plus the weight of a car on them.
Keep on rolling TIRES...someday may you find some rest my friends

I got these fools

I'm quick to put people in there place and they just put me anywhere
Making me sick and me?
Sick does not hold tired's hand
I don't even like what SICK does
Sick goes along with whatever just for attention
Just like you try to make me go along with your wide eyed lies?

Hey wiseguy
Kiss my ring or you can forget about it
Words are in the family, and dear to my heart

I don't even know how to feel right now

Knock it off meatheads, or you will see what is important

Now, go on, and remember, don't speak my name unless you're that case, it's ok to dream
I got guys there

Now stop trying to be me, gangsta...or get you some of me!

the REAL tired...and fam

PS. No little birdy better not show up and tell me things I don't want to hear. That birdy doesn't deserve the trouble.
don't shoot the messenger
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