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Brandon Conway Aug 2018
As my gaze shifted down below
my eyes, how did they behold
all the little ants going to and fro
as if they were mind controlled

Can't they see what is happening
to and fro, to and fro, to and fro
day after day, day after day, day after day
and for what?

Cheap plastic that eventually breaks
blue lights shooting up dopamine
dreams of scratch off sweepstakes
costly cups of muddy caffeine

Lets show them what being free is all about
J                                      N                        ­          F
U                                                    ­                     A
M                                                              ­           L
P                                     O                                  L
I                                                               ­             I
N                                                 ­                        N
G                                    W                         ­        G

Watch clouds shrink while ants grow
their busy bodies stop
as they finally lift their face up to show
the horror in their eyes drop

following downward along
this exciting free fall
this beautiful swan song
that I sing for all

I can hear them now
how angelic are their cries
I can see their sickly brow
the whites in their putrid eyes

Fleshy hail from the building above
came crashing into a yellow cab
spirit fleeting like a mourning dove
a body crimson mangled and drab

I leave my mark on this city
my final piece of art
I hope they find it pretty (and not pity)
this perished bleeding heart
Yusof Asnan Oct 2017
Our life is like a fly,
All gathered for some junk,
Buzzing around in a crowd,
Never staying on one focus.

A little shake;
Everyone is in uproar,
Angrily circling around,
Coming from thousands of directions.

They fly away when scared away,
Only to sneak back when unseen,
Until one day when least expected,

Ana S May 2016
No I am not
Bullet proof.
Yes if you shoot.
I will die.
I will probably die if you even just looked at me.
I stop breathing every time you speak.
It's quite odd.
I can't stand to be around you.
Only because I want to be around you.
Something is odd about you.
Non judgmental you.
You somehow know what to say.
You know what I've gone through.
You know what it's like.
To slice up your perfect pale skin.
You know what it's like to want to die.
You know what it's like to be unfixable.
That's the state I'm in.
Broken and unfixable.
Like an egg...
Oh gosh here we go again on eggs emily.
Eggs once they splat are unfixable.
That's me.
An egg.
Or false?
Being an egg
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
Little bird little bird why do you sit there
in the middle of the road without even a care
did the other little birdies give you a dare
I'm afraid you haven't a prayer
You just set and you stare
So totally unaware
That you'll soon be a splat
Where your body once sat.
Vanessa Nov 2014
stop talking about the girl you once knew,
how you loved her so well.
she that consumes so much of you
was only a mere fraction of myself,
a small part that could never last.
our love was endangered,
and though I saw from the start
we plunged into the darkness, head first.
now look at us,
our hearts have been splattered across these four walls.
You left her
        And she stayed.
        And all alone she sat
        All the way over
   ­     And no one over
         Ever noticed when
         The girl over
         Started to
                                ­ a
                         ­              l
         When she went  S p l a t
          No one
          No one saw
          Because the girl over
           Landed over
  ­          After the
                             ­    a
                         ­              l
Hey it *****. But my brain ***** right now. I'll delete this but i wanted to put something out here today. I thought it was better before i actually wrote it out.
Seed Of Death Aug 2014
I'm a poem, I like bats named cat.
this was written with help from Karl Franssen.

— The End —