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ObsidianDeath Dec 2020
All that glitters isn’t always gold
Take my words and let them unfold
Maybe it was the night
That took me ahold

I always wanted to be right
I can feel the knife carving,
Into my heart
Into my head

Will you leave me out in the cold
Turn to dust
Oh, how you are so bold.
Kiara Hoxie Mar 2019
Sunshine gleaming
Against the evergreen trees
Shadows stretch along the river
Leaves fall, moved by the gentle breeze

The river glitters
The light spots flashing
The clear water dashing
Around jagged rocks

The current creates darkened ripples
Expanding upon the ridges
Inky patterns billowing
The swirls glint and twirl
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Don't loose gold for glitters,
So just know me,
before you owe me..
I will know you,
Before i owe you..
Why we understand someone's true value only when we loose them.? So just know me before you owe me.
FairlyCultured Oct 2018
Dreams and glories
Adventures and stories
Takes me to a fantasy roam.
Stumbled across a glittering treasured box,
And I lost my way back home.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
The same dreams that have sustained you
could be the same ones to
end you.
Not everything that glitters is gold.
Be careful what you dream of, it may come true.
Lyn ***
Ge Marquez Jun 2018
In this vast galaxy powdered with glitter,
(each more bizarre than the other)
two lone stars drifted too close,
fluttering amicably as planets and moons pass them by –
shyly gleaming in the clouds or
slyly glinting sparks to the Sun:
destined to fall out of orbit whizzing to detonate a
Ceyhun Mahi Jul 2017
Glitters on the bags at night do shimmer,
While the eyes with tiredness do glimmer.
Arielle Dawn Apr 2016
Sweet baby
Forgive me

I have sinned
A strayed from your love

Tenderness like a nightlight
In the darkness at the age of five

You give me warmth
I give you butterflies

Without you
Dispair is but an endless routine

Life filled with
Broken rose petals

Fluttering hearts unseen

Lean your head
On my chest

I promise you
My heart will beat

— The End —