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Sheema Huq Jun 2020
I  know I have had a good sleep
during the dearth of glowing
mirth in the darkness of pre-
-dawn. As I wake to realise my
rest's colossal worth with a dozy
yawn. Only to find that its full
value depletes as a glint of light
defeats it's rejuvenating magic,
when my alarm remorselessly,
relentlessly calls at early morn.
I cannot wait
I really can't

If I ever get married
If God has that in my stars

God, will it be great

There's no distance I wouldn't go for them

Pain now is temporary
And those eyes will always hold a glint for me
I will--am chasing that glint
Until I belong to them,
And they want to belong to me

Until that silver shines through me
My eyes, my nose, my mouth,

Until that light reflects back
Brighter to them
Than my open, vulnerable, enamored,
Eyes received them
Though I know I'll never believe it if they say so


I can see it now,
Can you?
The flash from their eye?
As quick as their breeze walking past,
But twice as warming
Now their smile!
A smile
I would bear the rest of my life
If only at my final conscious sight
I would see it
In person
Kiara Hoxie Mar 2019
Sunshine gleaming
Against the evergreen trees
Shadows stretch along the river
Leaves fall, moved by the gentle breeze

The river glitters
The light spots flashing
The clear water dashing
Around jagged rocks

The current creates darkened ripples
Expanding upon the ridges
Inky patterns billowing
The swirls glint and twirl
Cory Morrell Aug 2015
the light streams through glass shards
together by stone-pressed force
columns of light refract onto the hard
     and cold wooden floor
dust particles, suspended in free fall, dance as the light
shimmers on their skin
     gleaming like small glints of silver
     the dust fades into the
transcendent, Gone.
Rockie Feb 2015
Green eyes glint
In the shadows of night
Behind the curtains
In the trees
The eyes of the painting
Following you wherever you go

— The End —