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Ge Marquez Jun 2018
In this vast galaxy powdered with glitter,
(each more bizarre than the other)
two lone stars drifted too close,
fluttering amicably as planets and moons pass them by –
shyly gleaming in the clouds or
slyly glinting sparks to the Sun:
destined to fall out of orbit whizzing to detonate a
Kennedy Jan 2018
i watched as roses bloomed around your rib cage. velvet petals wilting in your lungs and scratching your throat with every breath, ashes from its remains spewing against your words gracefully.

the flowing in your bloodstream were rushing waters that created a sound so heavenly; pulsating beats that rippled through your fragile veins.

a universe made its way into your eyes, glowing with depth of astronomical love. they reflected the starsdust that shimmered around your sun bathed body; orbs glancing upwards as they casted upon the heavens above.

and your sun kissed skin—shedded from an angel and stitched specifically for your freckled outline, sparkling with every stretched muscle on your body.

you were my world, a breathtaking wonder sculpted in the most delicate of ways,

and i was so ready to be yours, too.

— The End —