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Arielle Dawn Jan 2018
Morning haze, after phase
Heart still racing, mind still spacing
Memories of dancing lights and smiling faces
My body fights tiredness of different cases
Light the green to put my mental to ease
Experience life the way that you please
Reminisce the nights filled with the unseen
Never to dwell on what could’ve been
Arielle Dawn May 2017
The sun is bliss
Truly it was you that I miss
Lying in your arms is all there is
Dreaming of you and I engaged in a kiss

Glad you gave me another chance
Didn't take my kindness in advance
Energy flowing in positive nuance
Baby just take me for a dance

Your brown locks flowing
Hazel eyes almost knowing
Cheeks flushed, glowing
Darling now is the time for showing

Allow me to embrace you
You pretend like you have no clue
My lovely, this is the cue
This moment is just for us two
Arielle Dawn Apr 2017
The scent of your hair still lingers at my fingertips.

I hadn't felt **** like this yet. Soft caresses and sweet kisses turned bitter by your doubtfulness. Doubtful of yourself initially, eventually landing on my doorstep like an eviction letter. I had to escape. I didn't feel held in your arms. Your touch felt cold as tears fought through stubbornness. Waves of nausea clash below my heart as it desperately tries not to drown. I can't stay.

Now I'm filled with the gaping hole that you today filled and made whole. You leave me cold, dead, exposed, naked. Lay me out on the icy steel table and cut me open for examination. Do you like what you see?
Melt me like butter with the toxic fire that resides within your fears.
Arielle Dawn Oct 2016
Now that we've grown
All that we learned
Was the list of things
we had in common
Had only grown
And blossomed
Into a riper piece of fruit
For us to consume
You're the yin to my yang, baby.
Arielle Dawn Sep 2016
Today is one of those days where I don't feel like I am.
I am aware of my existence but I wish I wasn't. I feel like I would be better off as a mere thought, drifting through life for a while and eventually disappearing into nothingness. A forgotten memory.
I'm too simple to drift along this earth as a person, and sometimes I can't feel things the way others do. Everything makes me think I am too different. Too useless, too distracted, too alone, too selfish. I wasn't made to live like this.

At times I feel happy. Happy with life, happy with any twist and turn life would take me on. I feel like I could accept anything, and anyone could be my friend.
Today is not like that.

Today I have trapped myself in a bubble and I don't wish to come out. I wish I could go back in time, fading from teen to child to infant and eventually I'd crawl back in to my mothers womb until I vanished into nothing but a memory.
Arielle Dawn Sep 2016
Alone never, forever, always my choice
Mindset blown to pieces, losing my voice

Is it up to you, up to me? Why do we dwell?
Who knows, can time really tell?

Time, destroyer of all
Attempting to heal us until we all fall

Sticks and stones, they hurt our bones
Words **** you, kick us from our thrones

Lost, desolate, insane
Rain engulfing me, drowning in pain

A sucker for the remedy
Drugs be the medicine, allegedly

The battle ongoing
Have I lost or are we growing?

Forever unknowing
Feelings nothing more but slowing

Days filled with nothing else but rowing
Grey times, the hurt overflowing
  Aug 2016 Arielle Dawn

water bubbles
reflecting there are
golden koi

depth of feathers
ancient moonlight
is the buoy

around the
blue-grey stone's
sand is raked
in perfect poise

has its
crickets make
a creaking noise


within the
island garden
small and jewel-like
in the grove

kimono and the obi
there's a peace
the Nippon know

muted colors
placid faces
the paper lanterns
sway and glow

the lords and ladies
sit for hours
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