Apporva Arya Oct 8
Life is a game,
Made for all.
Each moment is its level,
Step up to rise above of all.

We found,
In war who we are,
In love who we can be.
Both hurt us,
But shape our destiny.

Win or live,
Run or crawl,
Make it to the end,
The Almighty is with you all.

Rinse your eyes,
See beyond these skies.
Leave down your worries,
Fly high,
And feel the paradise.

Listen to the mind,
But follow your heart.
Because life will go on,
No matter you lived it
Or just survive.
Haters gonna hate,players gonna your life man.. Good luck!
Apporva Arya Oct 8
My emotions run wild,
But the words confine.
Even if I murmur a word,
My wetty eyes will cry.

Back then,
The world was so big,
And I so small.
The whole empty me,
has no scent of her own.

But You made me begin.
So we Begin for us.
And now has come so far
And still many miles to go.

But now,
Amid all the Chaos,
Amid all the love,
Amid all the hope,
Amid all the seeking,
Amid all the Euphoria,
Amid all the grief,
Amid all the bewilderment,
You are leaving.
Leaving me,
To carry on all own my own.
As it is said.."For many who begin with us will not complete with us"... Whether It was destiny or coincidence we met ,we shared same dreams so begin same journey but somewhere in between our goals changed, priorities changed and I guess parting ways on a good note is best for now.
Apporva Arya Oct 7
When I see around,
I see people
dancing to the beats of
Negativity and sorrow.
So I close my eyes
And create my own
Which stirred my soul,
Warmed my heart.
I danced at my own melody.
And finally open my eyes.
Look up at the blue sky,
At the creator of all kind,
Give him a smile
And let my heart fly.
I believe love always find its way because love is the way.So whenever darkness will rise then I will sing LOVE with all my might because love is the mightiest.
Apporva Arya Oct 7
He had ocean in his eyes,
enough to erupt my emotions
And drown me within.
Until one day,
all his Colors get faded
And I was more tears
then water.
I saw the real him.
I saw the real me,
Played by a cold heart.
Not every beast is a cursed king,
Some are simply Beast.
That day his real him
And future us shared a laugh.
Love is blind but I was blessed still to see through him, through us. I am not blaming him because not every person we met are destination ,some are just journey.
Apporva Arya Oct 7
When I was alone in light,
My shadow stayed.
But sooner it left
with sunset.
That frozen night ,
I spent with starry sky
and a lie,
That this night is all to Survive.
Tomorrow's sun rise,
My shadow will again revive.
But next morning,
It rained with all its might.
So I was lone both day and night.
I have stopped holding onto people and outer stuff (work,shadow)to escape loneliness. Because for how long I will keep holding them since one day they all will leave. So let's wake ourself up and face this truth .
Apporva Arya Sep 28
My heart stopped at
an early age.
When i started thinking,
What i can be?
Will they like it?
Will they like me?

My own voice got lost,
in the noise of others.
My soul was singing in symphonies,
which my mind cant compose.
No one called out my name.
Neither do I.

It took me a long time ,
to listen to my inner songs,
calling out my name.
It was a moment of epiphany,
Which warmed my cold heart,
Stirred my soul.
And elated me above my fears and scars.

My MISTAKES and ME from my yesterday,
My SCARS and ME from today,
And the WISER ME from tomorrow
are now making up the brightest stars
in the constellation of my life.
Despite of my fears,mistakes and imperfection I am gonna embrace myself as hard i can and i am starting to love myself gradually little by little.
Apporva Arya Sep 24
What's unsaid about it?
Still it's different
and unique for everyone.

Sometimes,for me its like
songs of cuckoo bird.
Sun that rose again in my life,
a green oasis in a desert,
The best part of my youth.

and sometimes,
i am a lone warrior in the battlefield,
searching for the enemy soul,
dont know where to find
and how to defeat!..

I am not afraid of break-ups or
passionate love.
since who knows,
what love has at store!
the equal amount of love back?
or may be a surprise?
i have decided not to be fearful anymore. whatever it will be,how far we will go i will cherish our journey,our moments together .Because now i know some people are destiny and some destination.
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