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Apporva Arya Feb 4
When it comes to work or people.. choose work because your work always chooses you.
Apporva Arya Jan 4
When own blood betray,
With emotions they play,
It all seems grey,
No hope for a better day.

And only I can pray,
Loving myself is the way,
Time will make them fade away..

They had betrayed,
What we were yesterday.
Its my dreams,they betrayed.
now i say,we cant stay.
No time to delay,
Run Run you!. The karma's prey..
It hurts when a family betray. It all seems grey. But all i can do is prey,love myself and do my karma. Time and Karma has sparred none. I am forgiving them all.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Limit the ****,
Quench the thirst,
Before it get worst,
Understand you are enough !!
Get out of mad race.. that's what I urge
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Each day,
I smile,cry,try.
Stumble and fall,
Still give my all..

Build a dream,
then chases another,
Another shatter then chases another...

Building myself along the way,
Wont wither away,
Even if there's no sun ray..
Failures teaches you a lot then success.My some goals get complete ,some don't. But now instead of being sad or happy ,i keep my focus on my doing because that what i can control.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Went out last night,
With all friends,
And felt so bright..

So young we are,
Full of smile and hope..
Sleepy at twilight,
So dope at night..
Sahu loves to eat,
And hari can sing.
Baba pays the bill,
When panda only chill.
Pipi fights for food,
While khusbu takes a pic..

The weather was right,
Stars were shining bright.
The warmth of everyone's smile,
Just made my night.

Thanks to all,
I made a good memory,
Of NIT life.
i went out last night with my friends(sahu,hari,panda,baba,pipi,khusbu). I am expressing a memorable night of My NIT college life.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
When heart break,
and love is at stake,
It so much ache,
Still we have to live for our sake..

Crying lakes of tear,
Facing emptiness and fear,
When no one's is our dear,
Nothing is clear,
No more heart can bear,
Just hang on there,
This world is sphere..
Karma goes no where,
You are blessed,
Fake love has left you this year.
To all the beautiful people out there,going through breakup right now. Stay strong and have faith on karma. Leave all the fake love and people ,just in this year. Begin new with positive vibes in new year.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Don't loose gold for glitters,
So just know me,
before you owe me..
I will know you,
Before i owe you..
Why we understand someone's true value only when we loose them.? So just know me before you owe me.
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