I barely know you,
Yet my words just spill out with no filter.
I want you to just see me,
Without a mask and a little off kilter.

Crushes are weird.
"I am gonna make love
under this sky
making stars jealous
About my moon shining so bright"

Would you be my moon?
Damn! Why can't anyone propose me with this kinda poetry?
It would be a definate yes ! Haha
Apporva Arya Jan 28
3 years back left an empty HOUSE,
To chase my dreams.
Into a city which never sleeps.
Finally m back to HOME.
My dream come true.
Home is not a place or people .it's a feeling. It's satisfaction ,love and comfort.
Apporva Arya Jan 28
Harsh day, exhausted, stressed and broken.
She reached for her mirror.
Ignoring family,mobile And virtual friends.
She needs an old friend.
Hello to beautiful people out there. In our busy life don't be just busy surviving .Don't forget  yourself and to be you today!!..
Why do they call crushes crush?

I walk by you and start to blush

You smile at me and I think I died inside

I realize you smiled at her and I start to cry

Meaning of crush is they crush your heart

They mess with your feelings, tear you apart
Carter..the guy I like
Apporva Arya Jan 21
I took a deep breath &
Listen to the old brag of my heart.

I am, I am ,I am.
In the battle of heart and mind choose heart. It beats for u only.
Apporva Arya Jan 21
Choose gratitude over regret,
Before the time ticks away.

So throw off the bow lines,
Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch trade winds in your sails.
Choose in now, choose your happiness. Choose wise. Take the first step in faith, universe will guide u ahead.
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