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Greyisntwell Jun 24
Wyrd (2022)

How can I cry over feelings that aren't valid
How can I mourn for something that was never gonna happen...

In this lifetime I've seen poets and fakes
In this lifetime I've seen sinners and saints
But tell me why we keep chasing these dreams
To be run over in the end?

The Universe you gave me the rites to what I needed
The Universe you took the way from me to get what I wanted...

I've always felt like I wasn't deserving of what I wanted to become...
You proved the fates right when you did what you did...

It was such a betrayal of my soul
It was such a betrayal of my heart

Ill never be able to forgive this audacity
I'll never be able to forget this travisity..

It wasn't enough you kept her from me
Now you take the only thing I ever wanted to be..

The Universe is give and take and I'll never forget or forgive...
Greyisntwell Aug 2021
You rearrange,
You change all the pieces
To make them fit.
Just like a crack in the mirror
those broken pieces still shine.
Greyisntwell Aug 2021
Black Part 4: The Grand Finale

A deep breath in
I close my eyes

She wraps her arms around me
"Heaven knows I'm miserable now"

I'm becoming a deep shade of jaded
Once my muse

I shouldn't be used to this abandonment
You said you'd love me until the world goes black.

Here we are
My world is black
And you're no where to be seen.

A deep breath in
I close my eyes

She whispered to me
Letting me ago

I'm alone now.
The ending of the Black Era
Greyisntwell Aug 2021
Another time
Another place
Just another pretty face
All these feelings come back to you.
Another word
Lost in disgrace
Is he someone you'd be proud of
Another smile
Another breakdown
All these feelings come back to you
Is he someone you'd be proud of
Greyisntwell Jul 2021
Black Part 3: Feeding the Dark

Not on your life
This world we built I won't give up this fight
This is what I get for embracing the dark

There was magic in the air
I'm holding on so very tight
This forest whispered our names
It won't let us lose to this game.

Not on your life
I know what's deep in my heart
I won't let you surrender to the dark

Drowning in this binding light
Can you feel our bones collide
Close your eyes
Can you feel our flames dancing together
Like they did in those golden days?

Not on your life
This love we have I wont give up the fight
In these monuments of my failings
You are the one good thing
I ever did right

Hand on my heart
I know we will go farther
Than what we did before

You're a part of me.
Greyisntwell Jul 2021
Black Part 2: The Darkest Room

My whole life is one big dark room
Somehow I ended up dragging you down too
There's a hole in my head
That leads to the infection within

I tell you time and time again
I'm broken I'm no good
Just a washed up toy that's never in the mood.

Roses are red
Our love is turning blue
By the time this is over we will probably be through.

My whole life is one big dark room
I never wanted you to have all my gloom and doom.
They say come to the light
But my heart knows it's a lie
An addict for dramatics

Our dynamics aren't the same
In this unfair game.
My whole life is one big dark room

I ended up hurting you
And all I loved-I loved alone.
Greyisntwell Jul 2021

Roses are on the grave
The dolls are spread over the bed

Centuries have come
Centuries will go

Statues of the old times
Remind me of your face

The ashes dance across my lips
Your burnt flesh is a reminder

Of the pain, you left behind
When you left me there
In the rain...
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