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Maximus Tamo Aug 2016
A soft breeze from, source unknown,
Swirls within a, room not shown,

Dust of ages, coats the space,
On each surface, but a vase,

Alone it stands, on its shelf,
Glistening light glows, from itself,

A switch a lever, to throw,
Op'ning the gates, red below,

Up from and around, within,
A flame ignites, sent by him,

His minions show, and prepare,
Their master soon, will be there,

With heat and screams, he appears,
All who witness, forced to tears,

But one young boy, not afraid,
Stands up tall, legs are stayed,

The man of flame, swells to fight,
The boy erupts, in whitest light,

Down are thrown, beast and flame,
To live below, in endless shame,
Maximus Tamo Aug 2016
Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

Sitting alone passing time,
Keeping it all together,
Put on a bright fascia,
Tell myself your almost home,

As minutes to to hours,
And mind running wild,
I cannot connect with you,
What could have happened,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

The phone rings across the table,
Summons me to the hospital,
Arriving to find you asleep,
Sleeping but alive,

The nurse gives us some space,
Saying you won't last long,
You turn and look,
Broken and forced you whisper,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,

Never will I love again,
The pain cannot subside,
Love can only come once,
All else is hollow,

Life drags on,
Laying on my deathbed,
I can have but one thought,
Looking at you and whispering,

Closer closer,
I can't feel you yet,
Please save me,
Come closer,
Maximus Tamo Jul 2016
The wealthiest people alive are not the ones with millions,
They are not the people who rule,
They do not live lush lives,
Or drive fancy cars,
They do not live in a mansion on a hill,
Or journey life without a care,

The rich and blessed are the people who see,
Each opportunity and chance,
They see that they are in control,
They can make their own decisions,
Understanding the value of every chance,
Never giving their will to another,

Our power is absolute,
Without the ability to steer our lives,
What can we do?
Every tiny decision that we make cascades,
Pushing our whole lives in one direction or another,
And can save you or undermine you,

Recognize each decision
Consider every option
Hold to your standard
Enjoy yourself
Maximus Tamo Jul 2016
Two good men made their dwelling,
Each was young and had worked much,

Both had much to enjoy,
But neither could partake in joy,

These men could only see one goal,
Their lives were devoted to others,

One sole purpose to die for another,
And give the greatest gift they could,

But the question is dear reader,
Who Is The Bigger Fool???

The man who gave his life immediately,
Selflessly sacrificing himself upon opportunity,

Not seeking fame,
Nor pursuing thanks,

Not waiting for a "good enough" reason,
Not selecting someone "worthy" of him,

Or the man who waits until he is old,
Watching  for a prime opportunity,

Wanting to give a greater gift,
Refraining from saving him soon to die,

Rather saving a child from early death,
Or someone desperately in need,

He can show the world,
How selflessness can be righteous,

But he must suffer long,
In his constant search,
Maximus Tamo Jun 2016
When my life is still and hot,
Emotions can weigh me down,
Feelings can tire me out,
And my goals seem unreachable,

When I feel lost in a greater space,
When no one is around,
Like  I'm trapped in an oven,
With the sun beaming down,

When all my joy flows away,
Like water down a stream,
I'm left in this dessert of life,
Left alone to die,

Somehow I can keep on,
Stumbling in the searing heat,
Looking for an end and clinging to,
To some mad hope of mine,

You hit me like a tidal wave,
Suspending me inside your cool,
I was below the surface,
And I had no need for air,

In you I relax,
Unto you I expose,
All the evil inside me,
And the pain my body knows,

Your aura and peace,
Brought me sweet respite,
Like a breaze across my face,
Or the cool wind in my heart,
Maximus Tamo May 2016
If my life is a venture,
Down a forested path,
I cannot help but wonder,
What's across the woods,

I choose my path,
Based on little things,
I walk around trees,
And step over logs,

Every once in a while,
Im caught in brambles,
Nowhere to find,
A painless way out,

All around there is pain,
Yet I must walk on,
Through the thicker woods,
On the path of life,

When there is a hole,
And an ankle is sprained,
The walking cannot cease,
Toils will not hold me back,

I will learn to choose my path,
From all the mistakes of yesterday,
And one day I will,
Walk on out of the woods,

But somewhere along the way,
I forgot to look around,
And enjoy the elegance,
Of the forest scenery,
Maximus Tamo May 2016
My life was hot and heavy,
It was slow and calm,
There was no cool breeze,
It was time for a storm,

I could see how fast you were coming,
The cold front in the bay,
You flew over the hills and valleys,
Nothing could get in your way,

Bringing a few rain drops with the cool air,
You were a welcomed break,
But I never would have gueased,
That you my very core could shake,

I heard the thunder over the horizon,
As the drops their numbers maintain,
Haulting my joyous *****,
Thoughout the falling rain,

Before I could get to cover,
The storm has larger grown,
And hail begins to fall,
But not your full potential shown,

Hiding under anything I can find,
You rip the sky appart,
Then a bolt of lightning,
Strikes directly on my heart,

Engulfed by your storm,
I cannot find my way out,
And shocked by your lightning,
My heart has no more doubt,

I love the thrill of thunder,
But never can I be,
Closer to my true love,
Without the sting of thee,
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