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Mass astray is within the realm;
Deep inside a complex helm.
Does thy think what thou said ist true?
A subtle wind of construe.
Thou words are mixed of different emotions;
For thy only wants the best, thy could bestow.
I love you more than anyone I have ever met. I want to show you for the rest of my life. I will try for you, and I will only show love to you.
Brandon Brazel Sep 2018
Why do I let you mess with my head?
I’m always laying here clueless in bed.
Trying to think of things I can shred like Zed,
But we know it’s fiction,
That Pulp said he’s dead.
Maybe I should chill,
Pop another med,
But now I’m letting something else put me back in my head.
I’m stranded, lonely, I only know to put paper to lead.
To sum it up,
You ****** me,
Nuff said.
I have nothing to Else to say.
Brandon Brazel May 2018
See girl? You lied through your teeth.
See girl? Right down my momma’s street.
See girl? You lie when you speak.
See girl? I’ll show you how we preach.
See girl? You shy? Man that **** is weak.
See girl? She lookin better in those jeans.
See girl? You ***** and you wreak.
See girl? I’m feelin better every week.
Don’t let someone or something bring you down, look forward, whether it’s a breakup or someone just plain out talking down on you. Be strong, it’s a fight I challenge every morning I wake.
Brandon Brazel Feb 2018
These days are always chilly,
My temple is shivering frivolously,
These days are going so fast,
But maybe it’s because I’m stuck in the past.
Those days were filled with a smile,
But my brain puts those memories in a file,
Because nowadays,
I’m stuck in denial.
Stuff gets hard, look forward not backward, anatomy shows that Which way you face, you will walk that direction. Stay happy stay healthy, love you guys.
Brandon Brazel Feb 2018
I live in a one bedroom apartment.
Everything is going great until I have to pay Rent.
One day the electricity turns off;
I have no money to put off.
The next day the water turns off;
I have no money to put off.
Then a roommate shows up,
And everything turned off.
This roommate I have keeps me home,
He keeps me awake at night,
Screaming at the top of his lungs,
Begging me to come home.
When I get home I feel alone,
Then he starts to peel the wallpaper off the walls
Like pulling skin off the bone.
This is not home;
This is my home,
And my roommate...
Is depression.
Struggles get tough, keep looking up and admire the beauty in life. Be happy with who you are and talk to someone even if you don’t know them.
Brandon Brazel May 2017
When was the last time you took a good look.
Sat in front of the mirror singing the hook,
Of some dark song you heard off a nook.
Which makes no sense because I thought it was a "book".
But who cares you're losing sight,
Of what everyone's talking about; the true "fight".
Starting to realize the futures not to bright,
For some? No for all, because even the biggest have to fall.
Like the leaves on the trees of fall,
This poem is gross and raw.
There's no skeleton to keep its reflection,
In the mirror you continue to look at your reflection
Is that your reflection?
No, because even the smallest have to fall.
Really, life is tough. And I get we have to just let go and move on, but it gets tough after so long of people ******* you over; stabbing you behind the back. Friends aren't friends 78% of the time. Selfishness.
Brandon Brazel Oct 2016
The boy fell down the stairs
and on to his head,
to soon find out
that he'd never be "normal" again.
Stay true, for you are beautiful, colors blooming from inside of you.
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